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Horror Game Sons of the Forest Gets Terrifying New Trailer

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Sons of the Forest

In 2018, Endnight debuted its open world survival horror game, The Forest. Lauded for its unique mixture of genres, it is considered by many to be among the best horror games that year. Now Endnight is actually getting ready to do it again, having just released a new trailer for the upcoming Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest comes from The Forest devs, has humpy ladies

The brand new trailer has a much clearer look at the gameplay than the one from year that is last. The unique combination of crafting survival and survival horror returns, as the player divides their time between gathering, crafting, and fending off the strange horrors that call the wilderness home.

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With the one from 2019, the new trailer takes place with the protagonist surviving a helicopter crash. The very first game opened similarly, with the main characters escaping a plane crash. Nevertheless, the sequel’s protagonist is actually sporting a lot more military hardware as opposed to the first game’s Timmy and Eric. One assumes they had been searching for the mutants this time. In either case, the new protagonist definitely appears to have stumbled upon more than they bargained for. Ideally, the sequel continues its predecessor’s legacy by being a terrifying horror game.


Sons of the Forest Trailer: Release Date Teased for Horror Game

While the 2019 trailer showcased a couple of unusual beings, the latest trailer provides a much wider showcase of the creatures inhabiting Sons of the Forest. The six limbed female returns in 2 scenes, suggesting she might be an important character in the upcoming game. The very first game’s cannibal Mutants also appear to be making a return in Sons of the Forest. Only now they are led by intimidating warriors in golden masks. But the trailer saves its most disturbing creatures until the end.


Sons of The Forest: Developers provide new info in Q&A

The survival crafting mechanics are actually on display that is full, as the player collects wood both for warmth and construction materials. The Forest allowed players to cut down every tree in the game in case they thought it, and it is like that will be returning in the sequel. And they have to be prepared to defend whatever they build, as the trailer showcases. It appears that Sons of the Forest will also be introducing a disguise mechanic. In a single scene, the PC dons a mask to blend in.


New Trailer for 'Sons of The Forest' Sees You Braving the Elements (And  Cannibals) - Bloody Disgusting

One easy to miss detail appears at the trailer’s 37 second mark. Here, a wounded mutant can be seen crawling backward as the player character approaches with a gun. This suggests it can be possible to intimidate enemies into backing down as well as shows that Sons of the Forest continues the previous game’s effort to humanizing the enemies. Mutants in The Forest often seemed much more afraid than angry. They also displayed concern both for the survival of theirs and that of the tribesmen of theirs. it is one of the main ways the first game broke from the survival horror mold, so It has very good to see that dynamic returning in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest releases in 2021.

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