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An Entertaining Game : MICETOPIA

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An Inspiring Game : MICETOPIA

Micetopia is actually a fun side scrolling platformer where you beat up enemies and rescue villagers to save the village of yours. There are lots of enemies, and challenging bosses. Although it’s lots of bugs, It’s still entertaining.


Five villagers must be rescued

In Micetopia, you must rescue five villagers and beat bosses. When you start, you’ve to go into the caves. In the caves, you are able to find the majority of the villagers, but when you find enough, you are able to then go into the forest. In the caves, you are able to find around five different enemies and also a couple of bosses. In the forest, you are able to find approximately three different kinds of more bosses and enemies than in the caves.


When I said that Micetopia has lots of bugs, I meant it. It’s incredibly easy to softlock, and probably the easiest way is usually to kill an enemy at the same time as you open the map. The reason behind this’s because when you kill an enemy, the game intentionally stops time for a split second to capture the great moments. But when the map is actually open, time is actually stopped for as long as the map is actually open. These 2 time slower cannot appear to cope with each other. Another bug that I discovered is actually that in case you upgrade the health of yours to 4, and then go right into a room, take damage, and then go into another room, your health shows that your max health is actually 3 rather than 4. In case you regain that health back, it doesn’t show on the health bar until you go into another room. The last one I discovered is the fact that when you upgrade the health of yours to 5, it never shows on the health bar of yours. Additionally, when you speak with the guy that upgrades the health of yours up to 5 after you do this, he is going to say the dialogue that he’s supposed to say after you beat it. Luckily, I was not able to find a way to crash it.

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When does calm music play?

I believe that the music is quite fitting due to the environments that the songs play in. When you enter the village, calm music plays, and when a boss starts attacking you, the music gets more and louder rigorous. The graphics are very pixelated. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I really love the pixel art style. The controls are actually fine, but I believe they’re a bit backwards. This’s because the bow/ranged attack button is actually Y and the sword/melee attack is actually A. I believe it need to be the other way around, but that’s just the opinion of mine.

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Morally, Micetopia has no issues at all other as opposed to the violence, but even then, you will find no instances of blood in the whole game. When you attack an enemy, they simply make a good and get knocked back a little bit. When an enemy is actually killed, they simply fall over and disappear.

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Micetopia, while short and unstable, is fun and extremely challenging. It’s family friendly in every way, and since it was released recently, the bugs could be fixed in a later update. Some other compared to the numerous bugs and the backwards controls, I’d suggest this to any person who likes games this way.


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