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Car Demolition Clicker: Quickest Way to Get 100% Achievement - SteamAH


Clicker games are actually a genre focusing on clicking a certain item repeatedly for points or perhaps virtual money. In automobile Demolition Clicker, your objective is usually to just destroy whatever car or perhaps truck randomly appears on the screen by clicking on it until the health bar of its is actually depleted. After several vehicles are actually destroyed a boss vehicle is going to appear and likely wipe you and the drone of yours out with its unstoppable EMP blasts. With enough upgrades you are able to ultimately take it down though so do not give up!


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In case you are new to clicker games I highly recommend going through the tutorial that will educate you on the fundamentals of how you can play and upgrade the arsenal of yours. In the beginning, you will only have the fists of yours, but before long various guns are going to become available for purchase. Later in the game, you are able to sign up with a faction and earn some points for them in return for stat boosts.


In-game money is actually earned by hitting automobiles and completing various timed quests. While you are hacking away at defenseless vehicles random quests will appear and in case you finish them in time, you will make a good level of money. Several of the quests involve hitting the automobile or perhaps tires specifically a certain number of times. Another quest type is usually to NOT hit the automobile for a specific amount of time. Attacks from drones do not count since you’ve no control of them as soon as they’re deployed.


You are able to purchase as many as 3 drones and the more you upgrade them, the more damage they are able to do. Each upgrade is going to cost a bit more than the previous one. You are able to also deploy one totem which automatically generates money and can boost the overall damage output of yours. All of your upgrades, drones, and weapons stay with you for future levels.

Car Demolition Clicker Windows game - Indie DB

You’ll find just a couple of levels available, but in order to add some variety they take place at times that are different during the day/night. There is not a wide range of variety in the vehicle types to destroy but they put different paint jobs and accessories on them to make them seem to be unique.


The physics are actually a mixed bag as the automobiles do not show the damage received in an accurate way. For instance, it takes several gunshots to the tires before they deflate. The windshields can also withstand multiple gunshots before disappearing. I was pleasantly surprised to see that dents and dings do not appear and damaged parts are likely to simply fall off.


“Don’t hit the car”

The employers are actually a bit more intimidating compared to the regular automobiles but those battles are much harder since their attacks are actually hard to stay away from or perhaps minimize. Even in case you remove the guns from the boss vehicles, they will still neutralize you and the drones of yours with their unavoidable EMP attacks. There is no chance to heal so you will have to strengthen the forces of yours and take it down quickly before you run out of health. I could not afford to undertake the “Don’t hit the car” quests during the boss battles. Thankfully, you will find no penalties for failing quests.


The sound effects are actually great with various damage noises and gun blasts coming from the attack drones. The background tracks range from electronica to rock and fit the theme well.


There is little to complain about from a moral perspective. Most of the automobiles being attacked are actually defenseless, but the boss vehicles are actually relentless. Since the automobiles appear out of air that is thin, I assume they’ve no concerned owners.


In case you enjoy clicker games, this title is actually really worth looking at. The asking price is actually a reasonable $6.99. When you are looking for a game with a story or perhaps purpose, you will want to look elsewhere.



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