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A new mode, Prestige Ranks that unlock new rewards, the Fabrication Reprocessor for rolling new challenge cards, and more are also coming.

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite receives its first expansion, Pathogen, next month. But before that, Season 4: Prestige goes live on July 26th, finally bringing cross-platform play to all modes. Xbox, PlayStation and Steam players can finally team together, which should help improve matchmaking.

In addition, a new Prestige system is unlocked upon hitting level 20. This allows for all experience to count towards new Prestige Ranks, which go up to 100. Every 10 Prestige levels, players unlock new outfits, gun colors, decals, nameplates, emotes , head accessories and much more.

A new game mode, Restock Turrets, is also coming and offers pseudo-tower defense. You have turrets and must keep restocking them to defend against waves of waves of Xenomorphs. In addition, the Fabrication Reprocessor is also coming. It takes three challenge cards and rerolls them into a brand new card (guaranteed to be different).

Challenge Cards are also coming to all game modes outside of Campaign, which should further mix things up. Finally, four new weapons-the M51 Breaching Scattergun, P.649 HEL, SVAT-92 Sokol and DKT-59 Misha-are being added. Stay tuned for full patch notes when the update goes live later this month.

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