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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has gotten a new trailer just hours before its release, this time around focusing on Noah and his motivations.

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Leading up to its release, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has gotten a new trailer, this time with a focus on Noah. The trailer gives us a glimpse at Noah’s motivations, as well as a few out-of-context scenes from the game’s story. Check out the trailer below.

In a recent interview, producer and co-director Genki Yokota made it clear that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 won’t be the final game in the series, and that he would like the franchise to continue for “as long as possible”.

Senior creative director, series creator and studio boss Tetsuya Takahashi, on the other hand, spoke about seeing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as a culmination of the trilogy so farbut made it clear that he was talking about the franchise’s themes and gameplay concepts rather than the story itself.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is set to launch today, and will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. The game is also set to get a story expansion in late 2023, with a scope similar to that of Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country.

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