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Best Xbox Series X headset

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Best Xbox Series X headset

get probably the best audio companion for your brand new Xbox console If you have been fortunate enough to bag a new Xbox console this winter then adding probably the best Xbox Series X headset you are able to get will really enable you to get the most from your exciting machine.


Upgrading your audio is truly one of probably the easiest, best and most surefire ways to up the gaming experience of yours and also the best Xbox Series X headsets ensure this’s the case for probably the latest generation of consoles too. Be you multiplayer-focused or single-player, a top headset will sweep you into adventures like never before, hearing detail in soundscapes that even speakers on the very best gaming TVs just are not in a position to deliver; for those that do play shooters online, expect to hear footsteps and directional cues to enable you to get the jump on foes no matter the arena.

Thankfully, due to Microsoft’s backward compatibility pledge, a lot of the very best Xbox One headsets also work on Xbox Series X – which means you will be able to find a few bargains in the Black Friday sales.

Xbox Series X Compatible Headsets | SteelSeries

How can you tell whether the unit you have got the eye of yours is going to work with Series X?

To put it simply, in case your headset has an audio jack or perhaps USB connection, you will be set. Yes, you’ll be able to bet on there being fancier and newer models coming soon that will take advantage of the Xbox Series X and S tech. But until then, headset champions from the previous generation are the best option of yours. Especially because some are actually being redesigned to take the place of theirs as the very best Xbox Series X headsets.

As a result, be sure you go to this guide every then and now ; we expect it to grow and grow over the coming months. For instance, we would expect to see much more of the likes of Razer headsets, Sennheiser gaming headsets, Turtle Beach headsets, and Logitech headsets all throwing the hat of theirs into the ring this holiday season and beyond.

Best Xbox Series X Headsets For 2020 - Xbox News


The SteelSeries Arctis 9X

The SteelSeries Arctis 9X is actually top of our current gen guide for good reason, and it is specially engineered to work wirelessly within Xbox’s hardware and ecosystem. It’s a wonderfully rich audio experience and impressive battery life in addition to a seamless connection that is going to continue with the Series X and S console. While the headset comes with 40mm drivers (which are actually smaller than many similarly priced competitors), they are well tuned and deliver audio that punches well above its weight while retaining a nice clarity and richness. It is a great program for anyone that is serious about good and getting the most out of their Xbox games.


Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox | SteelSeries

The SteelSeries Arctis 9X’s

The SteelSeries Arctis 9X’s mic is also clear, comes with decent noise canceling, and is actually retractable for when you are not using it. While you are able to never completely remove that microphone, it’s hidden enough for you to make use of this headset as an everyday device, connecting to tablets and phones via a Bluetooth connection. That is a real bonus. You are able to also plug in via the 3.5mm connection in case you would like to connect to other consoles or perhaps devices – although you lose a number of features as 3D Spatial Sound in case you do so.

Lastly, the trademark SteelSeries’ headband’ design offers very good levels of comfort. Which means you are able to play for hours without really noticing you are wearing the headset (which clocks in at a respectable 1.2 lbs / 372g).

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