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Elena is a calm and collected first mate of the Ydas under Raymond. Meanwhile, Albaird is Laeticia’s bodyguard and a skilled knight.

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Following up on its character trailers for protagonists Raymond and Laeticia, tri-Ace’s Star Ocean: The Divine Force has received new trailers for their allies – Elena and Albaird Bergholm. The former is Raymond’s first mate while the latter is Laeticia’s childhood friend and bodyguard. Check them both out below.

Elena was on board the Ydas when it was attacked and survived its destruction despite all odds. In contrast to Raymond, she’s calmer but still respects his leadership. However, she’s not all that enthusiastic about hanging around Laeticia’s planet.

As for Albaird, he’s a knight for the Kingdom of Aucerius, wielding a chakram and an expert at semiomancy. Despite the mystery of his left arm, he is extremely loyal to Laeticia and is always by her side. Although wayward of Raymond and his crew at first, Albaird seems to warm up to them over time.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is out on October 27th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC. For more details and gameplay, head here. You can also learn more about DUMA and the Vanguard Assault abilities here.

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