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Here’s how to help out a bunch of robots in Midtown with surveillance issues and easily locate all of the safe codes and digicodes.

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As a cat in BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray, your job is to be equally adorable, picky and malicious. That’s not to say you can’t do some good. In Chapter 10, you’ll learn about some cameras that the Sentinels have set up in Midtown’s Residential Area to spy on the robots. It’s your job to find and destroy them. You’ll receive a cassette in return which will help in your journey.

The first camera is on the second floor of the building. Look for a window with potted plants near the stairs going to the third floor. Check next to it for the camera. Next, head to the third floor and walk towards the handrails. Jump onto a frame with screens. The camera is located right below the railing.

For the third camera, go back to the second floor and jump on the handrails. An air-conditioner should be visible on the nearby wall – jump on that to find the final camera. For more details on the location of each camera, check out the video guide by Kibbles below.

All Safe Codes and Digicodes

Of course, one of the more “malicious” ways to be a cat is through burglary. There are a few safes in the world which require codes to unlock. Finding the codes isn’t difficult, but they do require some exploration.

Here are the locations for all of the safe codes in the world:

  • The Slums – Located in Chapter 4, this safe code is key to collecting eight pieces of Morusque’s Sheet Music. First, pick up the mysterious note and go to Elliot Programming. He’ll guide you to Dufer Bar where you must move the photo frame near the trashcan. This will reveal the safe code: 1283.
  • Midtown – Located in Chapter 10. Go to the store on the main road where a white jacket-wearing NPC is nearby. Once inside, go to the back and there will be a poster. The code is discerned from the same. It’s 8542.

Some locked doors can also be located in the world which requires digicodes to unlock. Here’s how to find them.

  • The Flat – Found in Chapter 3. First, find the storage room. Use B-12’s flashlight on the portrait to reveal the code – 3748. This will unlock the exit to the flat.
  • The Slums – Located in Chapter 6. You’ll need to knock some paintings off the wall. Check the clocks just above the couch, and they’ll specify the required code – 2511. Use this to unlock the Doctor’s door.

To see the locations for yourself, check the video below by Gaming With Abyss. For more details on all of the collectibles, head here. Stray is available for PS4, PS5 and PC. Check out our review here.

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