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Destiny 2’s Arc 3.0 Detailed – Amplified Buff, Blind and Jolt Debuffs, and More Revealed

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With the Destiny 2 Showcase set for August 23rd, likely revealing Season 18’s story and content, Bungie has revealed the first details for Arc 3.0. As the third and final revamp of the base game’s Light sub-classes, Arc 3.0 is all about “go fast and hit stuff,” as per designer Sam Dunn.

“We call it the ‘hold W’ subclass. Everything is built around moving forward and enabling aggression and those abilities.” Along with adding new Aspects and Fragments for each class to equip, some new buffs are coming. There’s Amplified where rapidly slaying foes with Arc damage leads to increased movement speed, weapon handling and slide distance. No Aspects or Fragments are needed to trigger this for an Arc class either.

When Amplified for a short time, the Speed ​​Booster buff is applied. This further increases your speed, and grants a “sizable” PvE damage resistance buff along with an even longer slide. In terms of debuffs, there’s Blind and Jolt. The former causes PvE enemies to become disoriented and unable to fire weapons. PvP opponents have their screen whited out and HUD removed for a brief time. Jolt will generate periodic bursts of chain lighting which damage nearby enemies.

Finally, Ionic Traces – which provides ability energy and remained exclusive to Stormcaller Warlocks – will now be available to all Arc classes. Stay tuned for more details on each class and their different Fragments and Aspects.

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