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Volition’s open-world reboot launches at midnight worldwide on all platforms. PlayStation preloads will go live 48 hours prior.

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With Volition’s Saints Row out in just a few days, the official Twitter account has confirmed the launch timing for the reboot. It will be available on all platforms at midnight worldwide, so those residing in Australia and Asia apparently won’t have to follow Pacific, Central or Eastern Standard Times for it to go live.

Preloading is live on Xbox platforms and will be available 48 hours before release on PlayStation consoles. Sadly, preloading won’t be possible on the Epic Games Store for PC players “due to some technical stuff.” The reboot is a timed exclusive for the storefront on PC for an unspecified time.

Saints Row releases on August 23rd for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, and Google Stadia. Set in Santo Ileso, it sees the Saints working from the ground up to build their gang. Along the way, they’ll have to combat other factions like Los Panteros, The Idols and Marshall Defense Industries. For more details on the story, head here. You can also check out some of the biggest changes from previous titles here.

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