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Gearbox Software has officially announced New Tales from the Borderlands with a new trailer during Gamescom Opening Night Live.

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Gearbox has announced a sequel to Tales from the Borderlands. Appropriately titled New Tales from the Borderlands, the game got announced during Gamescom Opening Night Live with a trailer. Check it out below.

The cinematic trailer gives us a solid glimpse at the New Tales from the Borderlands story, and even potentially sets up the primary antagonists.

New Tales from the Borderlands focuses on the story of three lovable losers who can’t stay out of their way. The game will take place over five parts, and will feature a number of new and returning characters.

Details about New Tales from the Borderlands‘ story were leaked earlier this month through an IMDA classification in Singapore. Set in Promethea on Pandora, players will take on the roles of protagonists Anu, Octavio, and Fran.

New Tales from the Borderlands is set to release on October 21, and will be coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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