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Electrocute, burn, and freeze enemies with a variety of abilities and smash them to pieces in Mundfish’s upcoming FPS/RPG.

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A new trailer for Mundfish’s first-person shooter/RPG Atomic Heart is now available. There’s a lot of combat, from different abilities and weapons to a wide range of enemies (including bosses) showcased. Of course, there are plenty of bizarre sights to see as well, but at least the music is catchy. Check it out below.

Some interesting mechanics include spraying water on an enemy and then using electricity to jolt them. You can also lift enemies and slam them down, freeze them for shattering with melee weapons, and ignite nearby gas to incinerate enemies. With the Chaika 3.0, players can craft over 30 types of melee weapons and modify them.

Atomic Heart is out later this year (sometime between September and December) for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It also launches on day one for Game Pass. For about 22 minutes of more gameplay, head here. You can also check out our interview with the developer here.

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