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Battlefield 2042 Gets Season 2: Master of Arms Gameplay Trailer

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DICE has released a new trailer for Battlefield 2042 highlighting gameplay from its upcoming second season. Titled Season 2: Master of Arms, the trailer gives us a glimpse of the new map, Stranded. Check out the trailer below.

Battlefield 2042 Season 2 will also introduce a new Specialist—Charlie Crawford—who can use his minigun and supporting skills to bolster a squad’s general capabilities.

DICE had recently released a development update video highlighting some of the changes coming to the game. Season 2 is also set to see the release of vault weapons—a collection of portal weapons that will become available over time.

Season 2 will see a couple of reworked maps: Renewal and Orbital. The new map, highlighted in the newest trailer, is set to be focused on infantry gameplay.

Looking to the future, DICE has also revealed that Season 3 will see a complete overhaul to how Battlefield 2042‘s Specialists work, tying them into the franchise’s classic class system.

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