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Harvestella – Lethe Village, Higan Canyon, Omens, and Combat Detailed; Extensive New Gameplay Released

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Square Enix’s Harvestella received extensive new gameplay during the recent Nintendo Treehouse: Live, showcasing exploration and combat. However, it also released other new details about Lethe Village, combat, and much more that players could expect in the farming sim/RPG.

Lethe Village is a Fall location (although it experiences all seasons), and the player awakens there after being saved by Dr Cres. After a meteorite lands north of the village, the protagonist stays in a vacant house to watch over it (and the Omen found inside). As with titles like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, one is free to farm, embark on adventures and whatnot throughout the day. However, they’ll become more sleepy as time goes on and must retire for the night.

Along with a general store, Lethe has a blacksmith and renovator. Higan Canyon is also located nearby and the protagonist must venture there to find a girl who set out for the Seaslight. Interestingly, the Omen, known as Dianthus, tags along. Omens are considered the cause of the Quietus, a calamity that befalls the world between seasons. They carry out investigations on the Seaslights, although their motives – and overall involvement in the Quietus – are unknown.

A new Job is also detailed – Assault Savant. This Job uses science and martial arts and can switch the attributes and effects of its attacks with different skills. In combat, players can take advantage of four types of elemental weaknesses. Exploiting these fills the Break Gauge, dealing increased damage and allowing the use of special attacks. There are also Double Breaks, which are learned by bonding with comrades.

The Fall Produce has also been detailed and includes Lantern Pumpkin, Rainbow Bean, Royal Eggplant, and Princess Chestnut. Cuisine made using these materials includes Lantern Pumpkin Gratin, Lethe Egg King Cake, Tomato and Eggplant Cheese Bake, and Mont Blanc.

Other game features include letters, which contain gifts from the mayor and thanks from various NPCs (with some seemingly leading to new quests). You can also keep a pet, which serves as a mount while venturing through the world and may even dig up some interesting things. Leveling it up will strengthen it and increase its functionality.

Harvestella releases on November 4th for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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