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Dark Souls 3

Following over half a year later Dark Souls 3‘s multiplayer servers were shut down in order to fix a dangerous exploit, the game’s servers have finally been brought back to life. The announcement was made on the official Dark Souls Twitter account.

With the servers back online, players can once again partake in the game’s complicated multiplayer modes, including co-op, as well as pvp.

The servers were taken down earlier this year following reports of issues with the server infrastructure. While the issues lied with Dark Souls 3‘s multiplayer allowing for malicious code to be remotely executed on unwitting players’ computers, servers for Dark Souls 1 and 2 were taken down as well.

Details about the exploit were released two months after the servers were taken down thanks to a Github repository containing documentation about the exploit.

Interestingly, the vulnerability is also present Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicebut since that game lacks multiplayer features, it is impossible to trigger it.

Developer FromSoftware’s most recent release, Elden Ringhas thankfully been free of any such known exploits surrounding its multiplayer.


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