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Players can now change their entire appearance, including changing their body type. Fixes to High-End Assault Rifles and Doctor Home are also available.

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The maintenance for Ubisoft Massive’s has been wrapped up Part 2 and Title Update 16.1 are available with many corrections and changes. It also adds all options from the Character Creation screen to the in-game Barber. Now you can change your entire face and body instead of just hair, beard, and tattoos.

Title Update 16.1 also reduces the effectiveness of the Shrapnel Trap in PvP as a “temporary solution.” Players should also have an easier time destroying the Tidal Basin Legendary Stronghold boss’s weak points since their HP is reduced. Also, the Home Doctor Exotic rifle should work in PvP, while the High-End Assault Rifles should now have gun damage as their main characteristic.

Check out the full patch notes below. Part 2 is available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia with support for Xbox Series X/S and PS5. New content is still available, with Season 11 launching in December and adding a new PvE mode, Manhunt, accessories, weapons, and Special Items. Year 5 subjects are also being developed although no further details have been released.

Patch Notes for Title Update 16.1


  • As a temporary solution, we decided to significantly reduce the Shrapnel Trap’s power in PvP to discourage players from using it.


  • Fixed an issue where Premium Credits were spent instead of Textiles when buying from the game shop.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Add” and “Remove” options would appear when trying to purchase items that cost more than the specified credit balance.


  • Lowers the HP of the Tidal Basin Legendary Stronghold Boss weak point.


  • Fixed an issue where the Doctor Exotic gun was not working in PvP.
  • Fixed an issue where all farm guns were damaged by damage guns as a Main Character.
  • Fixed an issue where the chest Closer and Uzina Getica Gear Brand Set did not get a character roll.
  • Fixed an issue where color matching was not applied to gear from the Umbra Initiative Gear Set and the Brazos de Arcabuz Brand Set.


  • Fixed an issue where the Doctor Home Exotic gun had no special status.
  • Fixed an issue where Busy Little Bee had two images in the Special Pistols section.


  • Fixed an issue where “Show Signed Weapon” resets every time the user changes server.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the first drop of weapon visuals to appear outside of the Season 10 Reward Tracker.
  • Fixed an issue where the active text from the Season and Progress menu was linked when placed in the idle menu.
  • Fixed a text issue in the Season Key Selection for Manhunt Target Events on the following locations: Spanish, Latin-American Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Korean.
  • Fixed an issue where the Screen/Image in the “Special Features” section of the Tutorial was not used in Brazilian Portuguese but in Italian.
  • Fixed an issue where many skin details could not be displayed properly in the clothing menu or on weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with thumbnails in the Season 10 Armored Weapons section.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon for the Tendrils unique weapon drop was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Explore Seasons Vendor” button could be used to initiate the “Initiate Fast Travel” animation while in the submenus the key is not present.
  • Fixed an issue where the Season Pass for Season 10: Energy Cost was blurry.


  • Fixed an issue where Armor from the Dark Path would drop as an item.
  • Fixed an issue where the Keeper T-shirt and pants were installed separately from the store.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pants icon from the Clothing Menu would not match the in-game pants.


  • Fixed an issue where Legacy or Season 9 Hidden Alliance caches were rewarded instead of Season 10 Price of Power caches for League.

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