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Experience the Life of a Trucker in Truck Driver

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Experience the Life of a Trucker in Truck Driver on Xbox One

If perhaps you have been keeping an eye out for the announcement that Euro Truck Simulator two will finally provide you with the opportunity to live the life of a trucker on consoles, Dutch developer Triangle Studios’ upcoming Truck Driver may be only for what you have been looking.

truck driver

truck driver
truck driver


a truck driver in the game’s career mode

Unlike any other trucking game, Truck Driver aims to bring the “fun factor” back to the genre by completely focusing on the player’s experience as a truck driver in the game’s career mode,  and by “valuing’ game’ aspects over the’ simulation’ aspects”. You will begin as a novice driver with the aim of working the way of yours up to your own fully customisable truck. Players are going to do this by meeting characters that are unique with whom they’ll develop relationships by successfully completing transport jobs. Deliver the jobs in one piece and they will be rewarded with heavier and more precious cargo down the road.

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truck driver

Truck Driver features:

Enjoy a trucking experience focused on the career of yours as a truck driver

Build stronger relationships with the local community with each job

Customize the truck of yours with tons of parts and tune it to your liking

Explore a great open world and watch it progress with you

Navigate through gorgeous landscapes and fully explorable cities

In order to celebrate the announcement, the game’s publisher, SOEDESCO, released the trailer below:

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Truck Driver
Truck Driver

No release date has been revealed yet, but you are able to be certain we will let you know when you are able to get behind the wheel in Truck Driver as soon as it’s announced.

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