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ADCOM Wireless and Over Ear Headphones

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The gaming industry has never seen such an escalation in the last 5 years, especially with mobile phones offering never-before-seen processing powers and high-performance GPU capabilities. We’ve never seen gaming-focused trends come to market, such as Pokémon Go and a whole PUBG culture brewed among the bulk of the 18+ generation.

The market is buzzing and gearing up for various augmented reality ready games and we can already see VR culture on the horizon. What we’ve also seen with this growth is a demand for high-end performance headphones at an affordable price.

Adcom is committed to bringing affordable solutions to serve the enthusiast market with its offering,’ ADCOM AHP-301 Gaming Headset Over-ear Headset ‘ which comes with an adjustable mic that sits on an arm to reposition mic placement based on lip-to-mic distance as the user desires.

Adcom is committing its resources to begin extensive market research and one such research indicates that for most of the next 5 years the 3.5mm jack will maintain its position as one of the most versatile solutions for the cross gear support when it comes to listening to music or playing games on the go and that is precisely why we stick to retaining the 3.5mm audio jack to ensure users can use the most versatile solution for years to come.

Adcom The gaming headset works seamlessly with the full line of Adcom phones and smartphones.

Unlike some of the low-quality solutions on the market that offer a 30Hz-20kHz frequency response, our ADCOM AHP-301 Gaming Headset comes with a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, ensuring you to never miss out on critical tone and melodic response. Adcom provides with best wireless in-ear headphones available on the market.

Adcom’s lightweight wired headphones offering provides extra comfort for longer wear times and an adequate wire length of 1.8 meters will ensure your dynamic in-game gestures never take a hit.

Another offering from Adcom is for fast-paced people who want to stay connected on the go and don’t want the added clutter of always wearing their cell phone glued to their ears to take long calls.

Adcom M1 is a lightweight laptop best wireless bluetooth headphones, One Piece headset features advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology for faster pairing with all Android, iOS and Windows devices. Works easily over a range of 10 meters

Its 60mAh lithium-ion polymer battery offers a good 4 hours of continuous talk time and a whopping 80 hours of standby time for a full recharge time of 1.5 hours.

Its ultra-lightweight dynamic design is built to fight fatigue over long hours and ensure a comfortable, long-lasting call experience on the go.

Adcom offers its lightweight, wireless and comfortable true wired headset to a growing proactive multifaceted generation that wants a range of extremely affordable solutions, developed with the understanding that tolerance for mediocrity is not an option.

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