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A leak suggests that Joker’s addition to the MultiVersus roster could be joined by the voice acting of Mark Hamill. Player First Games is yet to make a statement about the leak.

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TeleVersus DC’s Joker voiced by Mark Hamill will probably be available as an addition to his list down the line. Leaker Laisul has released a video showing a collection of voice lines similar to Hamill’s work in Joker from. Batman: The Animated Series. Check out the soundtrack below.

Although the voice can be done by someone who can listen like Mark Hamill in an amazing way – Troy Baker has also done it in the past – the game’s habit of getting original voiceovers for his characters, such as Kevin Conroy for Batman, indicate that Hamill may be involved in this.

Before the First game players made an official statement on the matter, Joker was a member of the TeleVersus The list is part of the league from the beginning of this year, with other characters such as Samurai Jack, Ben 10, and Mortal Kombat‘s Scorpion.

TeleVersus recently got a trailer showing the action of the new addition to its list-Rick and MortyRick Sanchez.

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