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Genshin Impact: How you can Get Crimson Agate on Island (9627)

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Genshin Impact: How you can Get Crimson Agate on Island (9627)

The Frostbearing Tree

Like the Statues of the 7 in Genshin Impact, the Frostbearing Tree can be leveled up for rewards. The rewards that players are able to buy from the amounts on the Frostbearing Tree are actually Acquaint Fairs, Mystic Enchantment Ore, Mora, Hero’s Wit, a special wind glider called the Wings of Concealing Snow, and more. You will find a total of twelve levels for this particular tree, and each one is actually purchased with a farmable material called Crimson Agate. You will find aproximatelly eighty of them located on the map, and players are able to gain additional Crimson Agate by challenging the Crimson Wish every Friday and Monday.


Genshin Impact island:

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While some are simply out in the world for anybody to pick up, some Crimson Agates are actually concealed behind gates, under ice, or perhaps are simply tucked away in a hard-to-find place. Crimson Agate 9627 is actually not hard to be when players know where to look.


Genshin Impact

Search For The Tiny Island

Just off the edge of the line between Dragonspine and galesong Hill which will be the gorgeous new icy location in Genshin Impact, there’s an extremely small island. Just about all that’s on it’s a small hunk of ice.


Crimson Agate 9627 Location Hop to the island off the Galesong side; the cliffs are actually high enough to allow players to sail there with no a lot of trouble. Once there, players are able to smash the ice, use a bow and arrow, or perhaps even make use of a Pyro character as Klee to help melt it.

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After the ice is actually taken care of Genshin Impact players will see a chest underneath the ice. Inside, there’ll be Crimson Agate 9627 along with various other goodies. If players are still having difficulty finding the island, here’s a video to help with the precise location of this treasure chest.

Genshin Impact island:

 The Chalk Prince And Dragon

While the holiday event for Genshin Impact is only going until the 6th of January, 2021, the Frostbearing Tree is actually likely to be a permanent fixture in the game. So if players do not get all twelve levels before the end of the event, there still will be a lot of time to collect all the needed Crimson Agate to make sure that players get all the rewards.


Genshin Impact is actually free-to-play for mobile, PC, and PS4, with a Switch version in development.


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