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Christmas gift guide for every gamer on any budget

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Last minute Christmas gift guide for every gamer on any budget

It is almost that time of year! Christmas is actually week that is next and in case you have not got all your present shopping done we’ve you covered. Here is several of the best tips of ours for great Christmas gift ideas. There is something for every gamer on any budget.


Mice and keyboards We’ve the opportunity to discuss a great deal of really great products this year. There is tons of new keyboards and mice to select from. In the event that you would like to gift your gamer buddy a new mechanical gaming keyboard, where do you actually start? Sometimes it is easier to start with budget.

Christmas gamer gift guide
Christmas gift


When you are looking for something on the cheaper end of the spectrum, then check out several of the smaller, more compact keyboards. There is the HyperX Alloy Origins or perhaps Razer Huntsman Mini. The Alloy Origins is actually a steal at aproximatelly hundred dolars USD. It has got all of the fancy features of most mechanical keyboards, just in a more compact package.


When you are looking for a wireless keyboard, then Razer’s new BlackWidow is actually the obvious choice. The BlackWidow is actually in the higher price bracket however. You are able to also check out several of Logitech’s wireless keyboards. Once again, these’re in the higher price bracket. But if price is not a problem for you, then check these out. Wireless is excellent for the cable management conscious gamers. In the event that you are not worried about wires, then go all out and grab the new Corsair K100 keyboard. The controls and lighting are actually crazy awesome. At $229.99 USD, you need to make sure your gamer friend is really well worth it.

Cyberpunk 2077 mouse
Christmas gift


Now onto the other important piece of tech. The mouse. When you are purchasing a combo – i.e. you want to buy both a keyboard along with a mouse – then the obvious choice is actually to gift the combo from the same brand. For instance, you buy the Corsair K100 keyboard, then grab the Corsair Dark Core Pro mouse. If it is the Razer BlackWidow, then pick the DeathAdder V2 Pro or perhaps Razer Naga. These mice, nonetheless, are actually in about the same price bracket as their corresponding keyboards. The K100 is expensive, as well as the Dark Core Pro.


In case you just wish to find a sweet mouse and you are on a budget, then you cannot fail with the Glorious Gaming mouse. It has got all of the fancy specs of a high quality brand and it comes in under fifty dolars USD. There is also a keyboard you are able to pair with it for around hundred dolars USD. That is $150 USD for a combo. It is a bargain.


But in case you want something really special then you have to go for the Cyberpunk 2077 limited edition mouse complete with charger. It is a treat for the Cyberpunk 2077 fan and will be much loved for many years to come.


 Cyberpunk 2077 mouse

The Razer Viper Ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 Edition is actually the ideal gift for the true Cyberpunk fan (Image: Supplied)


Headsets and streaming gear 2020 was not the year to be outdoors, but it is definitely the year to update the sound of yours. With more folks gaming and streaming than ever before, there is very much choice when it comes to headsets and other audio.


Gaming headsets When looking for a headset to gift, it is able to once again be easier to look at the budget of yours. Down one end of the spectrum you’ve good quality audio headsets starting from around fifty dolars USD. Check out the Razer Kraken, RIG 400 Gaming, HyperX Cloud Stinger, or perhaps the Corsair HS50. When you are looking for great audio, you do not have to spend a lot!


If not at the top end of the spectrum, you’ve headsets with full audio surround sound and even THX Spatial Audio. When you are wanting a thing in this category then the Razer Nari Ultimate, Razer Kraken Ultimate, Razer BlackShark V2, Sennheiser GSP 600, RIG 700, and HyperX Cloud Orbit S are the choices of yours. When we say they do not come cheap, they don’t come cheap. This particular category of headsets start from around the $200 USD mark right up to $500 USD. But this’s the best time to buy. Several of these headsets have Christmas and Boxing Day deals with up to hundred dolars off.


Streaming and video Since 2020 was mostly spent indoors, at the desks of ours, on video calls, the need for streaming type equipment has skyrocketed. But you have got a budging streamer in the family, or perhaps someone who is on a great deal of video calls for work, why not update the setup of theirs. You will find lots of great Christmas gift ideas for these individuals. Among the best pieces of tech you are able to upgrade is the camera of theirs. Grab the Razer Kiyo webcam. It has got a built in light, streams at 1080p, and is not too costly at $99.99 USD. Check out several of the other great pieces of gear to upgrade along with it by revisiting our ultimate streamer setup guide.


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Since this guide was published, there is a handful of fancy new pieces of tech you might consider gifting. The Razer Seiren Mini is a good buy for anyone wanting to go into streaming. It is also ideal for workers who want slightly better audio while they’re on video calls. At $49.99 USD it is the perfect gift. It also comes in Black, Quartz pink, or perhaps Mercury white.


Christmas gamer gift guide

The Razer Seiren Mini is actually a great gift for just about any gamer looking to get into streaming (Image: Supplied)


Next you may want to help the mates of yours up their streaming game. Elgato’s range of stream lights will take your streaming game to the next level. These smart LED lights start at around $200 AUD with the Key Light Air, and go up to $359 AUD with the Key Light. There are several great bargains going around the internet for Christmas but you may have to do a bit of hunting. In the event that you would like to get in the great books for the whole of 2021 then gift the friend of yours the new Elgato Ring Light. It is set to be among the best streaming lights around and is actually about the same price at the Key Light.

Christmas gamer gift guide
Christmas gift


It certainly wouldn’t be Christmas without a console or perhaps 2 under the tree. When you are trying to gift an Xbox Series X or perhaps S, check out the guide of ours for finding one still in stock. Otherwise if the PlayStation five is the choice of yours, we have got you covered there too. Nintendo hasn’t released a brand new console this year, but the Switch is still a great buy for a Christmas present. You will find many great Switch titles you are able to buy both old and new. Playing on the Switch never gets boring or old and it is perfect for gamers who also love to travel; when we are able to travel once again that’s.


When you are looking for console accessories to buy then look no further compared to Razer. Their new Wolverine V2 Controller is actually great for Pc and Xbox gaming. It is at the somewhat higher end of the spectrum in terms of price but a great buy in case you are able to pay for it.


In the event that you need to buy other peripherals for console, then be sure you check each product. Most keyboards, mice, and headsets nowadays are actually compatible with a minimum of one console, just read the specs.


Want to buy something great for gamers on the go? The Razer Kishi is actually the easy option. You are able to transform any mobile phone into a gaming device instantly. it is also not too expensive either and It is such a fun way to experience gaming. It is currently available for Android devices and iOS. Android devices must have an USB C input.


Merch and other fun things Several of our gamer friends already have all of the peripherals and tech they need. Or perhaps they’re basically just picky. So what do you purchase for the gamer that has everything? Lots of gaming brands well some great merchandise for you to gift. Tees, masks, hoodies, and even shoes. Check with your favorite brands to find out what they are selling. Here is a few ideas which are great that you may not have thought about.


Razer Kitty ears In case you cannot pay for the full Razer Kitty Kraken BT headset, then why not simply buy the ears? Sure they’re specifically designed for the Razer Kraken headset, but these ears fits pretty well on most headset. I have got mine on a RIG gaming headset and they look sweet. I get a great deal of comments on my stream chat, video calls, and folks on Twitter have wanted to “steal” them. They are super cheap at only $19.99 USD ($39.95 AUD) and are actually guaranteed to put you in the great books this Christmas.


Wrist rests All of the esports pros and top players love to be at ease while beating the opponents of theirs. What better way to be comfy than gifting your esports buddies a keyboard wrist rest. All the big brands as HyperX, Razer, and Corsair sell them separately. Several of them start at $9.99 USD so it is the ideal gift for anybody on a budget. Plus the mates of yours are going to love you for giving them something to up the game of theirs.

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 Featuring lighting It is not enough to have RGB on your peripherals and components. Now you require RGB in the room of yours, or perhaps better yet the entire house of yours! You will find lots are actually options for smart, fun, LED feature lighting. Check out LIFX for some great gaming ideas. They’ve a “Gaming at Night” product line and the gear of theirs even works with The Elgato and razer Chroma Stream Deck. There is also the popular Nanoleaf and of course the new Corsair iCUE lighting towers. Lights are not cheap though, so in case you are trying to gift some smart LED feature lights, be sure you’ve a little bit of money in the bank and that you actually love the mates of yours!

Christmas gamer gift guide
Christmas gift

Sneki Snek

The Razer Sneki Snek is actually the perfect, feel good stocking stuffer. At $29.99 USD ($54.95 AUD), it is not going to break the bank. Plus every sale of this ultra cute plushie goes to saving trees. Razer have already saved more than 121,000 trees so much. It is a win win situation! To read more about the campaign, and track the trees being saved, check out the campaign page.


Christmas gamer gift guide Razer Sneki Snek is actually an adorable plushie that also helps save the earth. You will get all of the feel good vibes this Christmas


Go digital What if your Christmas giftee is not easily accessible? What in case they live on the other side of the world and delivery is actually a problem? Effectively do not worry. There is a great deal of great ways you are able to get them gaming gifts. Pick up some V Bucks and drop them in your mates’ account. Gift a League of Legends random skin box. Send someone you are concerned about a present in Elder Scrolls Online. If in doubt, just buy your bestie a subscription or perhaps voucher. Lots of games today are actually available on platforms to easily gift away: Steam, Epic Games, Xbox Game Pass you name it.


Buying presents have never been very easy with a lot of choices offered. We hope this gives you lots of Christmas gamer gift ideas for 2020. What’ll you be gifting this year.


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