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Genshin Impact: Dragonspine Pressure Plate Puzzle Solution

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Genshin Impact: Dragonspine Pressure Plate Puzzle Solution

Genshin Impact celebrated the holiday seasons this year by releasing its newest major update, Version 1.2. The brand new patch introduced a Cryo rooted region named Dragonspine that boasts a diverse collection of weapons, quests, characters, and new monsters, all ready for players to encounter.

Genshin Impact:
Genshin Impact

Travelers are actually discovering that the brand new Dragonspine region, although relatively small in size on the map, actually features quite the expansive network of valleys and caverns to explore. The brand new Genshin Impact landmark also has its very own sort of hybrid Reputation/Statue of Seven like system, involving an odd Frostbearing Tree and magical Crimson Agate, which could be unearthed throughout the region.



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Basically, Crimson Agate is actually offered to Dragonspine’s Frostbearing Tree in exchange for the unexpected reward. After the Tree has earned enough Agate, it is going to level up (a lot as a player’s Reputation, or perhaps a Statue of 7 upon receiving Anemoculi), and at certain level milestones, it’ll reward the Traveler with rare gifts like blueprints to the four star catalyst, Frostbearer. Much like with Geoculi and Anemoculi in Liyue and Mondstadt, Dragonspine’s Crimson Agate can be found floating around the more hidden sides of the place.


Travelers are able to find Crimson Agate not just by just looking up and around while traveling, but also by completing certain challenges or perhaps puzzles, like the notorious “pressure plate puzzle.” Players who venture over to the western cape of Dragonspine, just east of the map’s “Sal Terrae” text, will find out a series of old plates in the ground just beside a strange stone wall. Upon closer inspection, players are going to find that every one of the plates bears one of 2 symbols, each of which is actually depicted 4 times that are different on the wall – this holds the key to the pressure plate puzzle solution.


The picture above, courtesy of Redditor u/sleepychotz, bears one of many examples of potential solutions to the pressure plate puzzle. In short though, players must simply activate 4 consecutive pressure plates of the same symbol, and then step on the remaining 4. The challenge is not given to players as part of any of the quests or perhaps tasks relating to the Frostbearing Tree, so it might be difficult to originally discover, but thankfully, it is a simple solve.


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Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

When the player steps on a pressure plate, its corresponding “mark” on the wall will illuminate – this may be used as a reference guide while performing the job. They need to just pick a pressure plate, and then be sure to just step on the 3 other pressure plates sharing the same symbol, before stepping on any of the remaining plates.


After the puzzle has been completed Travelers will be rewarded with not only a Crimson Agate, but also a Luxurious Chest containing some valuable materials, like Hero’s Wit. Players should note that one of the pressure plates is actually encased in ice at first, so the puzzle is not totally accessible until this’s remedied. There is some conveniently placed Scarlet Quartz that will help thaw the special ice, and after that Travelers ought to be all set to make this Crimson Agate.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is actually available right now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch and PS5.


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