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Genshin Impact Character Tier List (December 2020)

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Genshin Impact Character Tier List (December 2020)

Genshin Impact just recently released update 1.2, which added brand new locations, quests, and upgrades to the mobile game. Moreover, these changes have altered the very best party members for players of Genshin Impact, one of the very best RPGs of 2020.


Together with the massive new map location called Dragonspine and some brand new enemies added to Genshin Impact, update 1.2 also changed up the overall tier list for probably the best characters. You will find new five star chase rares that players are able to wish for, including Albedo (Geo) and Ganyu (Cryo). Thus , now that the meta has been shaken up a small, it is time to check out the new order of the greatest heroes for Genshin Impact in December 2020.



Genshin Impact S Tier

Genshin Impact December 2020 Tier List Diluc is actually a fan favorite for a reason; this Pyro hero smashes enemies with substantial amounts of damage. His Elemental Skill isn’t just powerful with a broad range of attacks, but it also has a really short cooldown. This makes taking out a number of enemies at once both satisfying and easy. While Genshin Impact recently added a system for getting Wishes for leveling up, getting five star characters can be pricey, but Diluc is worth any effort players put into getting him.


Venti is actually among the most sought after Wishes in Genshin Impact. This wind powered bard uses air manipulation to not only power the song of his, but also the bow of his. Venti has a powerful Elemental Skill called Skyward Sonnet that throws enemies up into the air and also holds them there, effectively stunning them. It is not possible to state how useful such a Skill can be in any number of situations; players can also ride the wind up in case they have to get up somewhere fast.


Qiqi has the power to heal both herself and the party members of her while doing damage, making her one of the most helpful support characters. When she uses either her Elemental Skill or perhaps the Burst of her, it does Cryo damage, then heals anyone that attacks them. She’s by far probably the best Cryo character, the best healer, and players really cannot go wrong picking her, no matter who the majority of the party is actually. Qiqi’s best build includes stacking up the attack power of her, as her healing is actually in proportion to that stat.


Fischl is a simple character to love. She’s ranged abilities with the bow of her, but can certainly also use Nightrider to deal some up personal and close damage in melee range. She’s both versatile and mobile, and she is able to also turn into a raven and escape from hopeless situation while still dealing some damage. That and Fischl is actually a free character in Genshin Impact.


Klee is actually the adorable firebug that throws Klee Pyro bombs to destroy enemies. She’s among the couple of characters in Genshin Impact which is able to give Diluc a run for the money of his in pure damage output, and she may also throw both bombs to explode enemies as well as a ten second laser that can really tally up the damage.


Tartaglia’s banner was back in November, and also for those who were luck enough to get him, he makes for a fantastic addition to any party. If players want to round out the elements of the staff of theirs with a Hydro character, Tartaglia is actually probably the best possible male for the job. His ability increases the attacks of party members, can do AoE damage at both range and melee distances, and is rather a damage dealer himself. There is a great deal to be said for not only being in the position to hack up enemies but also boost the DPS of those around him.



Genshin Impact: What’s the Crown of Insight?


A Tier

Genshin Impact December 2020 Tier List Albedo is actually the brand new character from update 1.2 that players are extremely excited about; he is the first Geo character that’s good enough to need to add to a party. Albedo’s Elemental Burst and Skill allows players to create surges of Geo damage with the placements of Solar Isotoma, while Geo bombs explode around enemies, making Albedo a great secondary DPS swordsman.


Keqing is amazing at fast paced, high movement combat. She speeds from one location to the next, slamming enemies with flurries of sword strokes and lighting. She was also among the first characters in Genshin Impact, and Keqing just celebrated the birthday of her about a month ago.


Mona is actually in the A Tier mostly due to her unique ability to run on water. Her taunting skills are generally situational; she works really well with several of the other characters but does not play nice with others.


If players have not gotten a Qiqi, Diona is actually the next best healing character. While she does not have the same massive DPS and healing abilities as Qiqi, Diona does have a useful shield along with a AoE that heals party members and deals damage to enemies at the same time.


If players want to replace both Venti and Qiqi in a party, Jean is actually the only character that can even come close to doing it. She heals, has decent crowd control, and players may even pick the direction that they blow enemies away in, making her Elemental Skill extremely useful.


Bennett is actually among the best support characters for other Pyros. If other characters are actually above seventy % health, they are going to deal additional Pyro damage with attacks, which may help to give other Pyros a boost of fiery fury. Bennett also can heal other players below seventy % health.


The Traveler is actually the only character in Genshin Impact that could change the element of theirs. Although some elements are much stronger compared to the others, mainly Anemo, it is the Traveler’s ability to change elements at the drop of hat that allows them to fill any empty Elemental slot in a party. All players have to do it find a Statue of the 7 like the new one in Dragonspine to change the Element of theirs.


Exclusive :

While Barbara is not the best healing character in the game, she is by far the best dedicated healer. She’s both an Elemental Burst and Skill that boosts the HP of party members. The Skill of her, Let the Show Begin, is actually an heal-over-time ability, while the Burst gives the party one big wave of healing all at the same time. Barbara’s best build helps players to keep every person in the party alive.


The Electro Claymore character Razor will be a higher tier character in case it were not for just how complicated the Skills of his and Busts were to do correctly. Razor’s power is actually all in the timing of the Elemental Burst after having 3 sigils. Razor is actually an one man show too, so players looking for a team player will not find one in Razor.


B Tier

Genshin Impact December 2020 Tier List While her Elemental Skill summons an adorable panda friend to help join the fight, Xiangling’s Pyro abilities are just a few ranks below other Pyro characters. The panda friend gets lost very easily, heading in the wrong direction after enemies that players did intend for it to fight. Xiangling’s AoE makes her a great addition to any party which does not have another Pyro option, however. Her Elemental Burst covers a wide range of ground with fire, dealing damage in large quantities. Additionally, players are able to earn Xiangling through completing quests, without spending a dime in cash that is real on Wishes.


Beidou’s Elemental Skill allow her to make use of the sword of her as a shield and store up power in it, then unleash the built up power to deal a great deal of damage. Her Burst keeps her from getting interrupted as often by enemy attacks. While these 2 appear to go hand-in-hand, her Skill is only good in case players are able to manage to pull it off. Timing blocks is actually difficult, and with no timing that is great, players will not be in a position to build up the attack power in the blade.


While Chongyun is quite the tank, having the ability to take a great deal of damage and deal high damage too, his Burst and Skill just are not as great as they might be. But if players want a Cryo character with a great deal of muscle, Chongyun is a great, 4 star pick.


Kaeya also had a recent birthday, and players got special in game rewards for it. Nevertheless, that is about where his usefulness ends. Kaeya’s a great free, early game character with some interesting powers. His Skill ices some enemies in a cone in front of him, as well as the other creates a kind of damage field around him.


While Lisa has some very powerful attacks, they take a very long time to charge. While Lisa is actually a free Genshin Impact character, she must be replaced in any party as quickly as possible, but she’s a good middle of the road choice too.


Ningguang is actually among the best situational characters in the game. The power of her to block ranged attacks is not really good, until it’s. When being battered by archers or perhaps other ranged fighters, players will wish they’d Ningguang in the party of theirs.


Sucrose is actually great at crowd control with her Elemental Skill Astable Anemohypostasis Creation and the Burst of her Forbidden Creation, but other than moving enemies around from place to place at a whim, she is not much good for anything else.


As with Beidou’s Elemental Skill, Xingqiu’s defense just does not make the cut. Defense won’t ever be as great in Genshin Impact as offense. That said, a shield of swords is actually a cool idea; here is to hoping that defensive characters eventually see a little bit of a buff to make them much more playable.



Genshin Impact: What’s the Crown of Insight?


C Tier

Genshin Impact December 2020 Tier List Xinyan would most likely rank much higher in this Genshin Impact tier list if there were not already so many highly ranked Pyro characters. She is a successful melee DPS character with a great AoE, but her fire powers just are not anything like the other Pyros in the game, with the exception of Amber.


Noelle tries, but she suffers from the same thing that most Geo character do: she does not contribute enough to the party to make her worth the slot. The armor of her is able to repel damage and heal party members, but there are far better tanks and healers in the game.


Amber is actually the Genshin Impact character has been aching for a buff that she apparently will not get. Her Pyro powers are actually cute and fun, but every other Pyro character just has significant advantages over her. She is great early game when players do not have choices that are many for characters, but she will be replaced as soon as any better Pyro comes along. The one thing she is great at is actually puzzles which require lighting things on fire, as her arrows are actually correct and can light torches from a great distance.


Zhongli was so close to greatness. The beta of this character was great, but he was nerfed from orbit, and it all came crashing down after that. If Zhongli is completely leveled up, which require six of him, he becomes absolutely amazing again. Nevertheless, there are actually very few individuals who could afford to drop that much serious money on getting that many copies of this 5 Star. Thankfully, miHoYo has given into player demands and are actually looking to buff Zhongli in version 1.3.


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Genshin Impact can be obtained for mobile, PS4, PC, as well as has a Switch version in development.

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