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Fixes for bugs and other issues with localization are also available. A new experimental “fast text speed” is also available on Steam.

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Falcom’s Legend of Heroes: Paths from Zero was released on PC , PS4 , and Nintendo Switch last month in the West. It’s pretty good, thanks in large part to PH3 Games, who also handled porting Year 9: Monstrum Nox. In new Steam postCTO Peter “Durante” Thoman outlined patch v1.3.7, which recently went live.

It adds new settings, including an option to disable message beeps and rich presence. You can also play voice lines in the message log even after the “Other Voices” option is closed. Various fixes for bugs, localization, and the map, have also been used. For Steam players, an experimental “quick text speed” has been added, though not for general use.

PH3 Games is currently investigating crash issues on older integrated Intel CPUs. Updating drivers is advised as that solves the issue in many cases. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Legend of Heroes: Paths to Azure out in 2023 for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Check out his latest trailer here.

Paths of Zero v1.3.7 Patch Notes

Changes and Improvements

  • Added a new sound setting to disable message beeps
  • Added new setting to disable rich presence
  • Play voice lines in the message log when selected even if the “Other Voices” option is set to OFF

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a possible crash when returning to the title menu
  • Fixed an issue where movie sound effects were still playing after skipping a movie
  • Draw a BGM Info overlay in some additional situations where it was hidden before
  • Various localization and map fixes

We have also added an experimental “fast text speed” option: to use it, set “fastTextSpeed” to “true” in the [Game] category in “%localappdata%\Falcom\Zero\settings.toml”. This is not intended for general use.

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