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There will also be nerfs for the ease of use of Jade Rabbit and No Time to Explain, Glaive damage resistance, and Submachine Guns.

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Bungie’s Condition 2 it’s in the middle of the Season of Plunder, which means players are grinding the Star Atlas, repeating the King’s raid, and more. Pass balance in the middle of the season are in the works it should involve “under and over performance.”

Auto Rifles and Trace Rifles are getting a “big bump” while Adaptive Frame and Precision Frame Pulse Rifles will get a “small bump” in critical damage. The quality of the Pulse Rifles is slightly reduced to “low to mid-status.” Specials like Jade Rabbit and No Time to Explain are getting nerfs for their ease of use.

Other notable changes include a nerf to Glaive damage resistance, a small tweak to Rocket Launcher blast radius, a redo for Sniper Rifle flinch, and more. Check out the current list of changes below. The balance pass release date has not been confirmed, but it should arrive sometime this month (probably to coincide with the arrival of the Festival of the Lost). Stay tuned for full patch details in the coming days.

  • Very stable mount for auto rifles and shotguns.
  • Slight reduction in damage to Adaptive Frame Pulse Rifles and Precision Frame Auto Rifles.
  • Slightly reduced the quality range of Pulse Rifles to low to mid-range stats.
  • Nerfs to Jade Rabbit and No Time to Explain how to use it easily.
  • The Lord of Wolves’ restoration continues.
  • Small Launcher Launcher drop radius drop.
  • Threat damage resistance nerfed.
  • Sidearm aim assist rubber band.
  • Sniper flinch working again.
  • Small tweaks to Submachine Guns that are well above their expected range.
  • Slight reduction in High Impact Scout Rifle damage.
  • Some outliers that have zoom levels outside of normal games are returned to the range.
  • Riskrunner PvP Arc damage reduction (will still be ridiculous in PvE).

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