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Hugo can tap into his inner powers to summon massive swarms of ravenous rats, while during stealth, he can also sense enemies through walls.

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Just like its predecessor, although you will play Plague Legend: Requiem like Amicia, her brother Hugo is going to be a central character throughout the journey, and will, of course, also be a factor in terms of gameplay as well. The Macula is in his blood and his ability to control rats is a central part of the game’s story, and a new trailer briefly highlights what shape it will take in terms of mechanics.

Initially, stealthily, Hugo will be able to sense enemies through walls, revealing their positions for Amicia and letting the player know where they are. It’s the essence of it Plague Legend version of the staple stealth mechanic, similar to the last of us Listening Mode.

More significantly, Hugo can also summon massive swarms of rats and set them loose on enemies, letting you pass them while they’re brutally neutered down to the bone. This is, of course, the highlight of this trailer, and it looks like a pretty promising mechanic. Check out the trailer below.

Plague Legend: Requiem launches for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch (via the cloud) on October 18. The game will be around 15-18 hours long. Check out its PC requirements via here.

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