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Dead Space Remake Will Feature New Elements Like Changed Scenes, Circuit Breakers, New Rooms, and More

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After giving fans a little behind the scenes look at early development photos of the upcoming Dead Space remake, EA and Motive Studio have now started to present the very gameplay footage and gameplay details. Following the remake’s first gameplay trailer earlier this month, EA has also released a new extended gameplay walkthrough.

Meanwhile, more details have also emerged on a number of new changes and additions players can expect from the game in terms of story and gameplay, courtesy of a post on the The PlayStation Blog.

Dead Space is confirmed to be making some narrative changes, from protagonist Isaac Clarke now being fully voiced to tales of Dead Space 2 a 3 was brought in and injected into the story of the original game. Along with that, players can also expect smaller and relatively minor changes to how certain scenes play out.

For example, once a scene in the second episode of the original sees Isaac witness the dead Captain’s transformation into a Necromorph from behind a glass wall, but in the remake, he experiences this up close and personal personal, making the sequence more tense. Meanwhile, when Isaac gets his Plasma Cutter for the first time, instead of just picking up the weapon from a workbench, he uses his engineering skills to make the weapon out of various parts lying around the bench Likewise, when he first acquires the Stasis Module, in the remake, he will first remove it from the dismembered limb of its former owner.

Relatively less similar changes have also been made to the front of the game. One new inclusion are circuit breakers, which players will encounter at certain points in the game, where Isaac will be required to redirect the ship’s power, asking players to choose between, say, turning off the lights or turning off the oxygen , which in turn affects how you play through that section afterwards.

Meanwhile, Dead Space’s a remake will also place a much greater emphasis on exploration, which is done in part with new locker rooms with additional loot. Several of these rooms will be locked behind upgraded security clearance levels, encouraging players to return to older areas later in the game once they have that clearance. The article notes that a new Nicole-focused side quest is also linked to one of these rooms.

Finally, that was also confirmed Dead Space it will include expanded upgrade paths for weapons. Players will find new upgrade items to attach to different weapons that will unlock additional upgrade paths, making for a meatier progression mechanic. Whether these upgrades will be related to stat improvements or special new abilities remains to be seen.

A number of other previously known details are also brought up in the PlayStation Blog article, including the new Peeling System and Intensity Director, the fact that the game does not contain any loadouts and camera cuts, and more.

Dead Space launches on January 27, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It will cost $70 on consoles, and $60 on PC. Check out its PC requirements via here.

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