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As the newest 5-star character, the Star of Zubayr Theater can enter different stances with her Elemental Burst and inflict Hydro damage.

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Nilou is the newest member of miHoYo’s Genshin Impact, wield a sword and command Hydro Vision. As a 5-star character, his Event Banner, “Twirling Lotus,” is alive until October 31st, increasing the chance of finding him. Meanwhile, there’s a new Collective Miscellany trailer detailing his abilities.

Nilou’s basic attack is to perform triple combos with the sword; charging it releases a twisted slash. His Elemental Skill is the “Dance of Haftkarsvar,” where he enters a Pirouette position and causes nearby enemies to take Hydro damage based on his maximum HP. Performing normal and Elemental Attacks will activate Sword Dance and Whirling Steps.

The first one can show the Luminous Illusion, use Hydro damage and release the Lunar Request for converting normal Attacks into Sword Dance techniques. The latter throws out a Lightning Bolt for AoE Hydro damage and grants Tranquil Aura, which follows the character’s strength and uses Moisture on enemies. All experiences in the third stage are dances.

Nilou’s Elemental Burst is “Abzendegi’s Dance: Distant Dream, Spring Sound.” This causes the Lotus of Distant Waters to appear, causing Hydro AoE damage based on its maximum HP. Lingering Aeon is also applied to all enemies hit, dealing Hydro damage after a short duration. Check out all of his Ascension Passives in the video below.

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