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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Aerith Actor Filmed Long Session with Sephiroth Actor

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A message out of the mocap actor for Final Fantasy seven Remake’s Aerith suggests a broadening of a surprise pairing within the coming episode.

final fantasy
final fantasy


Final Fantasy seven Remake is, quite deliberately, not anywhere near a complete remake of the first Final Fantasy seven. It expands about the story within a variety of ways, but it also explores new story elements entirely. There is simply no better case in point of how Final Fantasy seven Remake is modifying than in 2 important characters, Sephiroth and Aerith. And if a new sales message out of the movements capture actor for Aerith implies precisely what it says, players will certainly understand a lot more about these 2 in the next Final Fantasy seven Remake episode.

Actor Asuka Yoshikawa does the movement capture for Aerith wearing Final Fantasy seven Remake, and also with the upcoming sequel episode. She shared an idea for the fans of her on Twitter recently discussing just that. In the information, she explains she has just completed a four hour shoot with a different character ‘s mocap actor, character being Sephiroth. She adds that the employees carrying out the recording praised the 2 of them for the work of theirs.

final fantasy
final fantasy



Those acquainted with spoilers from the first Final Fantasy seven realize that there is just one huge scene from the initial game including both Sephiroth and Aerith, that becoming the scene where Sephiroth destroys Aerith. Yoshikawa could be implying she’s performing mocap for the recreation of the scene, though the tone and words of her post implies something different altogether. Like with a lot of the other associations in  FF7, Sephiroth and Aerith might get more screentime together within the following chapter of FF7 Remake.

This is not always a huge shock to people who have played through FF7 Remake. All things considered, the game’s biggest divergence within the story from the initial game involves teases for Aerith’s demise. Not merely do Final Fantasy seven Remake’s Whispers, ghostlike harbingers of future, seem to ostensibly thrust Aerith toward a fate popular by followers, but Cloud has numerous glimpses of the scene and that destiny where Aerith dies specifically. Obviously, that is the future that Cloud as well as friends battle, rather literally, against.

Nobody knows what is in market on Ff7 Remake’s following chapter. It might be that, regardless of what is occurred, Aerith’s fate is unavoidable. It might completely reverse and also have Aerith killing Sephiroth. As Sephiroth himself states in Final Fantasy seven Remake, “that that lies ahead… doesn’t exist.” All fans understand is that Sephiroth and Aerith both have big roles to relax, even if those functions are incomparable and unfamiliar entirely to what was in the first game.

final fantasy
final fantasy

Part of what generated FF7 Remake’s very first episode so good is that even in moments pulled from the first game, the remake enlarges on them. Players see and pick up brand new interactions from the figures. Regardless of what is coming for Sephiroth and Aerith, fans may likely count on it being expanded on in enjoyable and meaningful ways.


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