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Techland Provides Dying Light 2 Development Update

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Dying Light 2 developer Techland gives a brief update on where it is with the upcoming game, and offers hope that it might arrive in 2021.

dying light
dying light

The favorite zombie game

Dying Light 2 creator Techland teased an upgrade about the development of the long-awaited sequel to the favorite zombie game. A brand new blog post on airers4you ‘s genuine Discord channel on Christmas Eve shared which followers of Dying Light two could get far more info in 2021.

The article showed a photograph of a character in the game upright and searching off to the distance while using a Santa Claus outfit and incorporated a “Happy Holidays” indication. It was the caption which accompanied the illustration which have women’s attention. “Happy Holidays through the Dying Light team,” a Techland personnel wrote. “We’ve been, er, declining to upgrade you almost all on the way development is going. We will have new updates about Dying Light two coming within the new year!”

dying light
dying light


No more info,

Nevertheless, over and above the promise of even more info, Techland however did not provide lots of information. Dying Light two was initially slated for a 2020 introduction. In January of year that is last, Techland announced it’d to postpone the launch. It has been nearly annually now with no brand new date.

In May, Techland professionals must react to allegations that the improvement of Dying Light two was obviously a “total mess.” Still, since the game was for starters announced as well as unveiled in 2018, several within the gaming community wondered why there have been very few revisions regarding when another installment might be expected. Some did issue on the coronavirus pandemic for being a component in retarding any progress the creator produced as soon as the January announcement of an “indefinite delay.”

dying light
dying light

If the final major piece of news is something to determine, “the new year” might signify Techland is going to provide information that is new within the brand new several weeks. Looking at the very long Dying Light two lag time was announced previous January, a Christmas Eve announcement asking followers to remain by can point to the next January statement over the horizon.

long gestating

Among the couple of bits of information Techland furnished in 2020 was which its long gestating task is slated for the Xbox Series X as well as PS5. Since the next generation consoles have formally set in motion, it is possible the organization has a greater idea about once the game is gon na be prepared. In the meantime, Techland followers at minimum use a crossover with another famous zombie shooter, Left four Dead two. By performing that, followers of both famous zombie shooter series’ were able to enjoy a bit of new content. The crossover was provided a few times that are different inside 2020, with the newest occurring this October. Outside of the limited time crossover events, the company has went on to provide some other posts on the original Dying Light although it labored on eventually releasing Dying Light two.

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