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Here’s how to find every collectible in the game and a very strong Bracer that will regenerate health faster after enemy attacks.

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Plague Legend: Requiem more than its predecessor, and that extends to the sheer number of collectibles available. There are Relics, Hugo Herbs, Knives, Secret Chests, Tool Chests, and Ancient Defender Items to locate along with the Secret Armor.

Let’s take a look at each collectible type below:

  • Souvenirs – When exploring certain paths, examining items, or playing mini-games, certain conversations will occur. These are souvenirs, and there are a total of 21 to unlock.
  • Hugo’s Herb – These contain five Flowers and seven Feathers.
  • Knives – Knives are used to kill enemies, but are also mandatory for opening Secret Chests. Depending on the difficulty level, fewer knives will spawn in the game. Save them for the Secret Chests, but be careful as you’ll automatically use one to avoid a death blow. When this happens, restart from the last checkpoint. There are 16 Knives on Narrative Difficulty.
  • Tool Chests – As the name suggests, they contain Tools used for upgrading equipment. There are 24, but you can get an additional 10 Gadgets from the Hidden Chests.
  • Hidden Chests – In addition to containing Equipment, Hidden Chests are workbenches used for crafting and upgrading your equipment. There are a total of 10 Mystery Chests.
  • Old Defender Items – These are only found in Chapter 9 (specifically in the Sub-Chapter: Phoenix). You will discover various objects that can be interacted with in many rooms. There are 16 in total.

Check out the PowerPyx video guide below for the locations of all the collections.

How to Get the Secret Armor

The Secret Armor is more of a Bracer, but is extremely valuable, allowing Amicia to recover from enemy attacks more quickly. It is located in Chapter 9 after leaving the courtyard. You will enter a large field with multiple windmills. First, you must disable the first two windmills and turn on the fourth windmill. Since the third is already enabled, you don’t need to do anything with it.

Each windmill has puzzles that need to be solved. They’re simple, from removing objects blocking an entrance to using the sling to shoot through an opening and open a door.

Once you’re done, look for a path between the second and third windmills. Three arches will lead to a cave (look for a hole in the ground with a ladder going down). Go inside, and you’ll see the Bracer. Make sure you also open the nearby chests for Tools. For more details on solving the puzzle, check out the PowerPyx video below.

Check out our official review of Plague Legend: Requiem here. It’s out now for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch (via the cloud).

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