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Halo TV Show: Everything To Know About The Xbox Video Game Adaptation

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Halo TV Show: Everything To Know About The Xbox Video Game Adaptation

In case it feels as you have been waiting years for the Halo TV show to really happen, it is since you’ve been. It was back in 2013 when a Halo series was first being developed, with Steven Spielberg as executive producer. That never happened, however. Thankfully, the story does not end there.

While we have not seen any actual footage, the Halo TV series is actually real. It is coming to Showtime eventually and is already deep into production. It remains to be seen exactly when it is going to premiere, but it is been written, it has been cast, and it has as genuine as it gets.


What do we know about it, though?

Quite a bit, given that there is been no actual footage revealed at this specific point. The cast has been revealed, along with a number of production and story points of interest you should probably know about. Have a look below at all we have learned about Showtime’s Halo TV series thus far.


What is the story?

Quite honestly, we do not know much about the story Halo will be telling yet. What we do know is it is an original one. Appearing on Gary Whitta’s Animal Talking web series, Kiki Wolfkill, who works for Halo game studio 343 Industries, said that adapting Halo for a new medium allows them to tell the story differently. “With television, we get long form storytelling. We get to develop characters,” she explained. “We get to actually dig into the backgrounds of theirs and the motivations of theirs and who they’re emotionally. And they can express it as themselves as opposed to needing to reflect who they’re through several of the other characters as we do in the games.”


Can it be filming yet?

Yes, production on the Halo series officially kicked off in 2019. Nevertheless, like nearly every other global production, filming was delayed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. On November eleven, series star Pablo Schreiber shared a photo of himself on the show’s set, writing, “We’re baaaack!”


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Where are they shooting it?

The series is actually filming primarily in Budapest, Hungary.

Who’s in charge?

There are 2 folks in charge of Halo. It was revealed in early 2019 that the series will have 2 showrunners–one in the United States leading the writing team and another on set in Hungary. Steven Kane (The Last Ship) is actually the showrunner in charge of the writing team, while Kyle Killen (Awake) is actually the on set showrunner.

The very first season of the series will also feature a director, Otto Bathurst (Black Mirror), who signed on to direct and executive produce the series in February 2019. He stepped in after Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt left the project due to scheduling issues.

Who is playing Master Chief?

Pablo Schreiber, who you will probably remember as Pornstache the prison guard on Orange Is actually the New Black, is actually taking on the role of Master Chief in the series. He is the lead on the show, meaning Chief is going to be a main character, although there are actually plenty other familiar and new characters that will populate the series. You will find out about them below.


Will we see Master Chief’s face?

This’s, perhaps, the most important question about the Halo TV series. In the games, Master Chief never shows the face of his. That may not be the case on the show, however. When asked by GameSpot about this very thing in 2019, Showtime president of programming teased, “It is actually a crucial question and an immensely important component of our series is actually all I will say.”

If we’d to guess, yes, fans are going to see Chief without the helmet of his. If it happens, although, chances are it will be in line with The Mandalorian. The series, that is led by a character in a heavily armored helmet, very rarely unmasks the hero of its, making it a specific moment when it happens.


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Is there anyone else who is in it?

A rather large cast has been announced for the show, including characters from the games as well as the companion novels, as well as new additions. You are able to view the full cast list below.

Jen Taylor as Cortana, “the most advanced AI in human history, and potentially the key to the survival of the human race.”
Natasha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, creator of the Spartan supersoldier program.
Bokeem Woodbine as Soren 066, “a morally complex privateer at the fringes of human civilization whose fate will bring him into conflict with his former military masters and the old friend of his, the Master Chief.”
Shabana Azmi as Admiral Margaret Parangosky, who first came out in the Halo: Ghosts of Onyx novel.
Bentley Kalu as Vannak 134, a cybernetically augmented trooper that serves under Master Chief.
Natasha Culzac as Riz 028, “a focused, deadly and professional, cybernetically enhanced killing machine.”
Kate Kennedy as Kai 125, “an all new courageous, curious, and deadly Spartan supersoldier.”

Wait, was not someone else was playing Cortana?
You are not misremembering things. While Jen Taylor is reportedly playing Cortana in the series, much love she does in the games, that is not who was initially set to play the AI character. Instead, Natasha McElhone was initially going to portray both Cortana and Halsey. Nevertheless, due to scheduling conflicts brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic, she won’t be playing Cortana, clearing the way for Taylor to portray the role once more.


When will it debut?

The final word that was given by Showtime would be that the series is going to debut in 2021. Naturally, given delays due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there is no telling when it’ll actually premiere.


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