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Genshin Impact: How you can Get Crimson Agate on Top of Tree (9374)

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Genshin Impact: How you can Get Crimson Agate on Top of Tree (9374)

While players are actually out and about exploring the new Genshin Impact region of Dragonspine, they might have noticed a glowing red rock hiding somewhere on the map. You will find a few of these red rocks called Crimson Agate around players are able to collect from cells, islands, or perhaps hidden around the map. But Crimson Agate number 9374 is actually hidden at the top of a tree, and may be hard to spot.

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You will find aproximatelly eighty total Crimson Agate locations around the map, but players may also collect this mineral by challenging the Crimson Wish. This rare rock is actually used to upgrade the Frostbearing Tree and earn themselves some rare, in game items. The Frostbearing Tree has a total of twelve levels, and players will have to find all eighty of the Crimson Agates around the map to be able to complete the upgrades.


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Crimson Agate is only found in the new location of Dragonspine in Genshin Impact, and players will have the ability to continue to collect it even after the Chalk Prince and also the Dragon Event has ended on January six. Those looking to unlock all of the presents from the tree, like all that Mora and also the Warming Bottle Diagram, will need every Agate they can get the hands of theirs on, including number 9374.

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Crimson Agate 9374 Location This particular Crimson Agate is actually located just north of the Ancient Palace of the Entombed City in Dragonspine. It may be found along the street leading northeast out of the Palace, just before the road hooks north. Players are going to be in a position to see the Frostbearing Tree from this particular location.

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The Crimson Agate is going to be up on a hill near a bridge like building. It is going to be at the top of a tree. Players are going to need to climb the bridge like building and leap over to the tree to be able to get it. If they’re fortunate enough to have the five star Anemo character Venti, who’s among probably the strongest Genshin Impact characters, players may also use his Skyward Sonnet to launch themselves into the air and nab this Agate stone.

Here’s a Genshin Impact video to help players find the precise location, and show how to get it for themselves ; Here 



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And while in the area, players can also nab Crimson Agate number 9748, which happens to be simply to the south on the other side of the Palace. It is hidden behind a couple of rocks, but it’ll help get players a lot closer to getting that 12th Frostbearing Tree level completed.

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Genshin Impact is actually available right now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch and PS5.

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