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Check out some behind-the-scenes details about how Santa Monica Studio worked on God of War Ragnarok’s accessibility options.

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Developer Santa Monica Studio has released a new video for God of War Ragnarok, highlighting the game’s many open spaces. The 10-minute video shows many available options, as well as explanations for why these options have been developed for the game.

The behind-the-scenes footage goes in-depth about God of War RagnarokOpportunities include how the studio and community worked together to develop these areas.

The developer has already shown and explained all 70 available spaces inside God of War Ragnarokranging from simple options such as titles for dialogue, to more complex options such as turn on the engine, reduce motion, and audio .

In the lead up to the November 9 release of God of War Ragnarok in PS4 and PS5, Sony also showed that God of War (2018) it has sold over 23 million units since its release.

For more information on God of War Ragnarok, check out our review. Also check out our rankings of all the main fighters in the franchise, as well as details on the length of the game.

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