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Genshin Impact: How In order to Get Northlander Catalyst Prototype 2020

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Genshin Impact: How In order to Get Northlander Catalyst Prototype

The Dragonspine region is actually probably the newest area in Genshin Impact, and it brings along may other new features. Apart from quests, events, and playable characters, Travelers also have access to a handful of new powerful weapons as of Version 1.2, several of which could be forged.

Genshin Impact Fan
Genshin Impact Fan


Travelers who have already tested the waters of item crafting and weapons forging probably have a couple of good mineral deposits marked on their Genshin Impact maps, but those looking to craft remarkable four star weapons know that minerals are only half the battle. Essentially all forgeable four star weapons in the game, which includes probably the newest additions, are actually crafted with the aid of Northlander Weapon Prototypes.

Genshin Impact Fan
Genshin Impact Fan

There’s a Northlander Weapon Prototype for every one of the 5 Genshin Impact weapons, so players will have the ability to find Sword Prototype, Polearm, Claymore, Catalyst, and a Bow . These forging materials are pretty difficult to come by in game, so players will need to be conscious of every guaranteed opportunity before resorting to farming them from Bosses, and that is the only consistent source.

Genshin Impact Fan
Genshin Impact Fan

Northlander Catalyst Prototypes

Northlander Catalyst Prototypes are available in 2 guaranteed locations, aside from being a random reward drop:

Liyue Souvenir Shop (one available for purchase)
Adventurer Handbook Chapter four (one Prototype rewarded) Once those 2 Northlander Catalyst Prototypes have been redeemed, players may only make additional copies from the game’s Weekly Bosses. Tartaglia, Andrius, and Dvalin are actually the game’s current Weekly Bosses, so Travelers will need to challenge those if in pursuit of a Northlander Prototype. That said, rewards can only be claimed from these bosses once per week, and the bosses each drop all 5 of the possible Northlander Weapon Prototypes, so players have to be fortunate to receive not only a Northlander Prototype, but also the proper one.


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Genshin Impact Fan
Genshin Impact Fan


Weapons like the Mappa Mare and Prototype Amber (known as “Prototype Malice” prior to Version 1.2) have been forgeable with the Northlander Catalyst Prototype after the game’s release. Nevertheless, as of probably the latest update, the new Frostbearer catalyst can be forged as well.

Genshin Impact: How To Get Northlander Weapon Prototypes
Genshin Impact Fan

Instead of requiring White Iron or perhaps Crystal Chunks, the Frostbearer and its 2 Dragonspine weapon siblings require Starsilver, a new harvestable resource found throughout the region. These 3 weapons alone present a strong reason to hunt down Catalyst Prototypes, as players must sacrifice an additional copy of any weapon they are hoping to Refine.

Genshin Impact is actually available right now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch and PS5.


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