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However, online features for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PC won’t be supported due to the game’s “aging system.”

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After being disabled due to an application that can result in data theft and system failure, online applications for Dark Souls Remastered is available again on PC. It follows the same features that are reactivated for Dark Souls 3 and Dark Souls 2: Apprentice of the Original Sin. It owns the constitution of Dark Souls 2 on PC you still need to wait until later for online content to be restored.

It is important to note that Dark Souls: Ready to Die Edition it will not restore its online services on PC. This is because it is an “old system,” which makes sense because this version was launched in 2012. It might be a good time to move up. Dark Souls Remastered for one’s PvP needs. Alternatively, you can check Elden MamaMaiSoftware’s open-world take on Dark Soulswhich recently received a damage fix for PvP.

For more information on Dark Souls Remastered, check out our review here. Available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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