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Genshin Impact: How you can Get Crimson Agate 9748

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Genshin Impact: How you can Get Crimson Agate 9748

Players that are actually looking to level up the Frostbearing Tree in Genshin Impact will have to collect the myriad of Crimson Agates that are actually scattered across Dragonspine. While some of these rocks are fairly easy to find, that’s not the case for absolutely all of them. For example, players may encounter some difficulty when attempting to locate Crimson Agate #9748, as designated by the Genshin Impact Interactive World Map, so this guide is here to help with that issue.

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To begin, fans that are actually on the hunt for Crimson Agate #9748 should navigate to the Dragonspine Statue of the 7, which is actually located just north of the Entombed City – Ancient Palace. From this particular position, players must walk across the narrow pathway that leads away from the Statue, pass by the big hole in the ground, and head to the right to encounter a small staircase. Just past these stairs, fans will see several big, cracked rocks in the wall, and they should proceed to break those objects with melee attacks.

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With the rocks destroyed, players are going to have access that is totally free to a new tunnel, and they won’t have to follow it for long before finding Crimson Agate #9748. Certainly, the Agate is actually hovering in the air rather close to the cave’s entrance, and its white coloring makes it fairly difficult to miss. which said, here’s a video which shows the whole process for collecting this Crimson Agate in Genshin Impact for those players that prefer a visual reference.

Crimson Agate, #9748 Genshin Impact - YouTube


Genshin Impact and the little island

After obtaining Crimson Agate #9748, players are able to set the sights of theirs on picking up several of the other difficult-to-collect stones. One in particular that could be giving some fans a little bit of trouble is actually Crimson Agate #9627, that is located on a little island just off the east coast of Dragonspine. In order to earn this Agate, players must scale the cliff which is actually to the north of the island, collect the Scarlet Quartz which is actually found there, glide to the island, and then break the ice using the Quartz’s buff.


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Similarly, collecting Crimson Agate #10180 is able to prove to be slightly challenging, as doing so requires players to resolve a short puzzle and open a cell door. At the center of this particular puzzle is still another Scarlet Quartz, which fans must use to break a block of ice that’s positioned to the right of the Agate. Inside of this ice is actually a small cube, and indeed interacting with it is going to give players access to the chest which contains the collectible


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