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Forspoken – Deep Dive Video Showcases Athia’s Monuments, Flashbacks, Locked Labyrinths, and More

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A new deep dive video is out for Luminous Productions’ The prophesying, focusing on the wide world of Athia. Although different regions and towns have already been revealed, we get a closer look at the different activities and landmarks that Frey will reveal. Check it out below.

Monuments are fractions of power left by the now corrupt Tantas – releasing them gives Frey a small boost to his stats. Flashbacks, on the other hand, are repeatable challenges that grant multiple rewards, from materials to stat boosts. Spellcraft Challenges have been seen before and involve using a spell multiple times to improve it.

The Labyrinths on Glo are like dungeons with dangerous enemies, but defeating them gives access to new equipment. You can also encounter mutated creatures in the open world that pose a threat. Of course, those looking for more relaxing activities can seek out Tantas Familiars, visit the Shadow Tree to play Partha for potential buffs, and even take pictures with Frey’s phone.

The prophesying out on January 24th, 2023, for PS5 and PC. For more details on the magic, go here. You can also learn more about Frey’s magical parkour abilities here.

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