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But Ragnarok’s game director Eric Williams says he would be happy to keep working exclusively on God of War.

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The Santa Monica Studio is one of Sony’s best and biggest studios, but a few years ago, God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarok, the developer’s sales continue to grow exponentially. Of course, Ragnarok just came out, but despite this, there is not enough excitement surrounding what is ahead not only for the franchise, but for the entire development.

And what lies ahead, it seems, is a lot of new work. Talked recently with the SUN TimeThe creative director of Santa Monica Studio Cory Barlog revealed that the developer is working on many projects and is “spread over many different things”.

It is worth remembering, of course, that Santa Monica Studio often provides development support on many PlayStation titles by other studios, including the likes of it. Voyage, Starhawk, All Gone to Rapture, The Order: 1886, etc.

However, if one considers that the developer’s next big job is being done behind the scenes, what does that mean? God of War and his future? As far as Ragnarok’s Sports director Eric Williams is worried, even though he has been involved in the development of each main line God of War game so far, he has no problem working on the franchise as well moving forward.

“I remember talking to someone from another sports company, where they tried to get me to go,” said Williams. “They said, ‘You want to be called the God of War man for the rest of your life?’ Is that your big story to scare me? Because yes, I will.”

It is important to note that it was announced in September 2021 God of War Ragnarok will be directed by Williams, Santa Monica Studio also confirmed that God of War (2018) director Cory Barlog was working on something else that was at the beginning of development. Reports indicate that the new project will also have a prototype layout.

The question, of course, is whether the new project will be a new IP (which will be the first home since 2005’s original God of War), if something else is new God of War sport. Perhaps, it will reveal a new history, since Ragnarok This is the conclusion of the Norse mythology saga series.

Since its release last week, God of War Ragnarok has gotten off to an impressive start both critically and commercially, having received widespread acclaim in reviews and enjoyed an impressive launch in terms of sales. The game has also been nominated in 10 categories at The Game Awards 2022, including Game of the Year.

In our review of God of War Ragnarok, we gave it a score of 10/10, saying, “God of War Ragnarok It is superior to its predecessor in every way. From its epic story to its epic battles to its epic mythology Nine Realms of Norse is endlessly exploratory and beautiful, a surefire winner from top to bottom.” Read full review here.

God of War Ragnarok available on PS5 and PS4.

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