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Saints Row – Massive “Bright Future” Update is Now Live With Over 200 Fixes

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Volition’s massive November update for Saint’s row, titled “Bright Future,” is now available on all platforms (except Google Stadia, due to its impending demise). The update offers over 200 bug fixes and improvements, along with features such as a voice pitch slider and new garage locations.

Aiming in combat has received “several improvements,” while the damage from enemy shotguns and SMGs has been reduced. Ultimate Weapon Challenges are streamlined, while Weapon Ultimates unlock immediately upon completion. Fame scaling has also been adjusted, making it easier to react and escape.

The seven new garage locations unlock after starting “Chop Shop,” and it’s now possible to like, Like, and view recent vehicles. More than 50 vehicle customization save slots are also available. New progression tiers are also live for areas with Saints roaming the area as you complete Criminal Ventures. The number of Bright Future Dispositions required to complete the initiative has also thankfully dropped significantly.

Check out some of the patch notes below and the full notes here. Saint’s row will receive more quality of life updates, new gameplay “experiences” and city areas to explore in the coming months. Stay tuned in the meantime.

Bright Future Update

Combat Improvements

Combat should now feel more balanced and engaging, and winning duels should feel more rewarding:

  • We’ve made a number of improvements to aiming
  • We have rebalanced combat by significantly reducing the damage to enemy shotguns and SMGs in general. This should make several key encounters fairer and more fun
  • We’ve rebalanced most of the Ultimate Weapon Challenges, streamlining them to make progression feel more rewarding
  • Weapon Ultimates now automatically unlock when the challenge is completed so you can wreak havoc with them instantly
  • We’ve tweaked the time given to interrupt enemy calls in for support
  • We’ve changed the scale of fame to allow players to respond to the fame loop and escape more easily
  • We have reduced the frequency of stylized deaths on easiest difficulty.

Improvements to Garages and Vehicles

Managing and deploying your fleet of awesome vehicles should now feel much slicker:

  • There are seven new Garage locations around the world that unlock at the start of “Chop Shop”, so you now have many more options for dropping off and getting stored vehicles
  • We have improved the Garage Vehicle inventory management. Now you can like, like, and view recent vehicles in the Garage
  • We released over 50 vehicle customization save slots
  • We introduced “vehicle templates” as rewards instead of automatically saving the vehicle to the player’s garage, allowing players to keep more custom vehicle save slots
  • We’ve expanded the Vehicle Delivery options with a full garage listing, including favourites, favorites and recent vehicles
  • We added visual telegraphs of new drop locations to HQ and new shop locations for both driven and flown vehicles.

Open World Gameplay and Criminal Enterprise Improvements

  • We’ve made the first in a series of future changes to make the city and activities within the open world of Santo Ileso more immersive and rewarding:
  • We have introduced new progression layers to complete an area. Players will now see Saints roaming the streets when they have completed the criminal initiative and area threats. After 100% completion, even more Saints will spawn
  • We have significantly reduced the number of Bright Future Disposals required to complete the initiative
  • Delivery of “Slash Shop” vehicles is now accepted at all new locations
  • We’ve improved the discovery radius on some collectibles, making them easier to find when exploring the city

UX and other Improvements

  • A new voice pitch slider during customization will allow players to use a huge new range of voices
  • Players now have the ability to equip weapons in the HQ without having to walk outside the HQ
  • We’ve improved subtitle timings to better match what’s happening on screen
  • We have implemented support for PlayStation 5 haptic triggers for weapons
  • We’ve improved the Color Swatch options to include truer “blacks” and a wider selection of greys.

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