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Game Freak’s latest Pokemon titles are collectively the biggest physical game release of 2022 in the UK, beating out FIFA 23.

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Even with criticism of its performance and other issues, Game Freak’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was a huge hit in the UK. According to Gfk (via Games industry), it’s the biggest physical game release of the year, with launch week sales up four percent over the previous record holder FIFA 23. Not only that, but it is the second largest Pokémon ever launched (slightly behind Pokemon Sun and Moon).

Interestingly, due to being sold for £48, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet make more money than Sun and Moon (which sold for £35 at launch). Violet Pokémon accounting for 52 percent of sales. Scarlet which is 42 per cent, and the double package was the other six per cent.

Compared to recent titles, first week sales were up 36 percent over Pokemon Sword and Shield70 percent over Pokemon Diamond and Pearland 56 percent higher than Pokemon Legends: Arceus. If that wasn’t enough, it also boosted Nintendo Switch sales by 62 percent week-over-week, making it the console’s biggest week in sales to date.

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