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We rank the sixteen most challenges boss battles in Santa Monica Studio’s masterpiece.

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Gthe Ragnarok War up the ante in more ways than one – including boss fights. The game is full of boss encounters, from set battles that are part of the main story to small minibosses that disrupt the action in every fight to decide that it is worth seeking out. At the same time, Ragnarok a game that can be surprisingly challenging, even on normal difficulty, which means that more than a few bosses will put up a fierce battle against you. Here, we’re going to talk about it and rank what we feel is sixteen is the hardest game to beat.

WARNING: There are big surprises ahead for God of War Ragnarok and its sequel games. Proceed at your own risk.

#16. KEY

Atreus’ first part of the game ends in an interesting boss fight, with Atreus and Angrboda working together to defeat the last woman’s grandmother, Gryla, a very evil, lost giant. his mind, to put it mildly. Playing as Atreus already does this as a unique encounter, but add to that the mechanics surrounding Gryla’s cauldron, which you have to break, and how many he has a better memory than you.

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