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Life is Strange: True Colors and Before the Storm developer Deck Nine might already be at work on the series’ next instalment. life is strange.

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Of the Life is strange The management of the franchise is now firmly in the hands of Deck Nine, the studio that was released last year. Life Is Different: True Color, and before that, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. Due to the huge importance and commercial success enjoyed by the publisher Square Enix behind the series, one would think that the future holds many parts – one, of course. indeed, it may be in the works.

As seen by Very sorrysome of the recent job listings published by Deck Nine (which have since been taken down) seemed to strongly suggest that the studio had started working on another one. Life is strange sport.

A listing for the Lead Designer position stated that Deck Nine is recruiting for the development of “a AAA single player game”, but elsewhere in the listing, the project is mentioned also the studio’s “next narrative adventure title.”.

There was also mention of “non-linear systems and structures”, which is pretty much what you’d expect from a Life is strange sport. Interestingly, the publication also suggested that the game is being developed for PC and current consoles using the Unreal Engine. In an advertisement for the position of Senior Animator, meanwhile, Deck Nine described the title as a “AAA single player game”.

Deck Nine is also currently working with Telltale Games, with both in future development. The Chance: A Telltale Series.

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