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The recently-launched open world RPG duo has smashed all Nintendo sales records, collectively selling 10 million units within 3 days of launch.

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Pokémon Titles have traditionally been money makers for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, and it’s no surprise that the recently launched duo of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continues to adhere to that tradition.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have publish that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet it sold 10 million units worldwide within three days of its release last week. 4.05 million units were sold in Japan (which means it has surpassed Splatoon 3 as the biggest video game launch ever in Japan), with the rest accounting for global sales. This does Pokemon Scarlet and Violet the biggest launch ever for Nintendo’s first party game.

The open world RPG duo’s sales aren’t a big surprise. Not only did the games break the pre-order sales record for the series in the lead-up to launch, they also enjoyed the second largest Pokémon launched in the UK to date.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have received widespread criticism since their release, and although the new open world formula and structure of the series has been widely praised the technical state in which the games have been launched has come under fire from all corners.

In our review of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we gave them a score of 7/10, saying, “Ugly visuals and a lack of polish all around detract from what is an incredibly strong, compelling, well-designed core adventure that represents an outing the strongest of the series in a very long time. time otherwise.” Read the full review here.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet available on the Nintendo Switch.

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