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PlayStation Plus Extra, Deluxe Subscription Tiers Lag Behind Xbox Game Pass – Sony

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Sony, through its latest statements to the UK regulatory bodythe Competition and Markets Authority, has revealed that while Xbox Game Pass has been quite successful for Microsoft, Sony’s new tiered version of PlayStation Plus has been struggling.

Without disclosing solid subscriber numbers, Sony notes that PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Deluxe subscriber numbers are behind Xbox Game Pass figures. Apparently the company omitted PlayStation Plus Essential as that subscription is required for online multiplayer.

“Game Pass significantly leads PlayStation Plus,” Sony said in the statement. “Microsoft already has a significant lead in multi-game subscription services. Game Pass has 29 million subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and is expected to grow significantly in the future. PlayStation Plus’ multi-game subscription tiers are lagging significantly [behind].”

Microsoft had revealed back in January that Xbox Game Pass had surpassed the subscriber count of 25 million. Sony’s statement would mean that at least 4 million more subscribers have joined the service in the year since.

Other statements made by Sony as part of its 22-page document to the Competition and Markets Authority state that Microsoft has acquired Call of Duty-maker Activision Blizzard would seriously harm competition, and that Microsoft wants Sony to become similar to Nintendo in terms of being able to compete.

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