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What path you should take first in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Our guide has the answer to that.

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The freedom offered by the nature of an open world Pokemon Scarlet and Violet lets you explore Pladea on your own terms. Due to the lack of level scaling, you can embark on any of the three paths.

However, to unlock the final story missions, you would have to complete all of the quests. Although you have access to all quests and locations from the start, the best way to go through the Trail of Legends, Starfall Streeta Victory Road quests. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Mission Name Level Recommendation Path Name
Prologue – First Day of School Tutorial Main Story
Titan A stony cliff 15 Trail of Legends
Cortondo Gym (Bug) 15 Victory Road
Artazon Gym (Grass) 17 Victory Road
Open Sky Titan 19 Trail of Legends
Dark Crew Star Team 21 Starfall Street
Levincia Gym (Electric) 24 Victory Road
Team Star Fire Crew 27 Starfall Street
A lurking Steel Titan 28 Trail of Legends
Cascrafa Gym (Water) 29 Victory Road
Team Star Venom Crew 32 Starfall Street
Gym Medal (Normal) 36 Victory Road
Montenevera Gym (Ghost) 42 Victory Road
Trembling earth titan 44 Trail of Legends
Alfornada Gym (Psychic) 45 Victory Road
Gym Frosting (Ice) 48 Victory Road
Team Star Fairy Crew 50 Starfall Street
False Dragon Titan 55 Trail of Legends
Team Star Fighter Crew 55 Starfall Street
Pokemon League – Victory Road 62 Victory Road
The Lab on the Poco Trail – Challenge from Arven 63 Trail of Legends
Cassiopeia’s Challenge – Starfall Street 63 Starfall Street
Challenge from Nemona – Victory Road 66 Victory Road
The Way Home – Zero Gate 64+ Main Story

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