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Earning XP is good for unlocking more skills, but how do you level up? What role does gear play in your overall Power? Find out here.

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Like its predecessor, God of War Ragnarok relying on a classification and system manipulation like an action RPG. It’s not easy, though. As Kratos completes encounters, solves puzzles, and advances the story, he will earn XP. But this is not going to increase or increase his overall numbers.

Instead, XP is used to buy skills for different weapons. Yes, in order to get the higher parts of Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos and other items, you have to upgrade them with Frozen Flames and Chaos Flames. After that, you can unlock more skills with XP and equip them.

But to increase the level of Kratos, you need to equip high level. Each item requires different items and Hacksilver to upgrade. As you upgrade, the total number of stats and rarities will increase. Since most of the best armor sets are in the late game, conserving your resources is the way to go. You will also receive rare items and a lot of Hacksilver for upgrades in the game after completion, which opens the way for hitting the highest level (of 9).

However, if you are facing problems or enemies start to scare you or there is an armor that you like, try to improve your item through the story to have a chance. God of War Ragnarok is out now for PS4 and PS5. Check out our official review here.

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