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What is the best order to beat Gyms in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Check out our guide below to know the answer.

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The gym progression is in the Pokémon franchise has been linear since the beginning. However, the system was massively overhauled with the introduction Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The game’s true open world experience allows you to challenge the gym battles in any order you wish. Although there are limitations, such as the northern half of Paldea being inaccessible until you defeat Team Star’s Fire or Dark Crews.

Therefore, not planning your progression early will force you to flit back and forth between locations. However, this guide helps you level efficiently and overcome all gym battles in the most efficient way possible. Let’s begin.

The Best Order to Defeat Gyms and Pokemon Recommendations

A gymnasium Pokemon Gym level Pokemon Gym Leader Recommended Pokemon Counters
short (bug) 14-15 Nymble – Bug

Tarountula – Bug

Teddiursa – Normal, Terastalize Bug

Fletchling – Normal / Flying,
Southern Province (District Two)

Starry – Normal / Flying,
Southern Province (District Two)

Nacli – Rock,
Southern Province (District Two)

Artazon (Grass) 16-17 Petilil – Grass

Smoliv – Grass/Normal

Sudowoodo – Rock, Grass Terastalize

Nymble – bug,
Southern Province (District Three)

Rookidee – Flying,
Southern Province (District Three)

Squawkabilly – Normal / Flying,
Southern Province (District Three)

Levincia (Electric) 23-24 Wattrel – Electric / Aviation

Bellibolt – Electricity

Luxio – Electricity

Mismagius – Ghost, Electric Terastalize

Diglett – Land,
Eastern Province (District Two)

Silicobra – Ground, Eastern Province (Area Two)

Larvitar – Rock/Ground, (Scarlet only)
Eastern Province (District Two)

Rolycoly – Rock,
Eastern Province (District Two)

Cascrafa (Water) 29-30 Veluza – Water/Psychic

Wugtrio – Water

Crabominable – Fighting/Ice, Terastalize Water

Capsakid – Grass, Western Province (District One)

Flaaffy – Electricity,
Western Province (District Two)

Skiddo – Grass,
Western Province (Region One)

Medal (ordinary) 35-36 Komala – Normal

Dudunsparce – Normal

Staraptor – Flight/Normal, Terastalization Normal

Primeape – Fight,
Western Province (District Three)

Breloom – Grass / Fighting,
Western Province (District Three)

Montenevera (Spirit) 41-42 Mimikyu – Spirit/Fairy

Banette – Ghost

Houndstone – Spirit

Toxicity – Electricity/Poison, Terastalize Spirit

Greavard – Spirit,
Glazeado Mountain

Sneasel – Dark/Ice,
Glazeado Mountain

Alfornada (psychic) 44-45 Farigiraf – Normal/Psychic

Espathra – Psychic

Gardevoir – Psychic / Fairy

Florges – Fairy, Terastalize Psychic

Banette – Spirit,
South Providence (Area Six)

Sableye – Spirit,
South Providence (Area Six)

Drifblim – Spirit / Flight,
South Providence (Area Six)

Deino – Dark/Dragon,
South Providence (Area Six)

Glass (Ice) 47-48 Frosmoth – Ice/Grass type

Beartig – A type of Ice

Cetitan – Type of Ice

Altaria – Dragon/Flying Type, Ice Terrastalization

Magneton – Electric/Steel, Glazeado Mountain

Crabominable – Fighting / Ice,
Glazeado Mountain

Bronzong – Steel / Psychic,
Glazeado Mountain

Tips for catching Pokemon for Gym Battles

  • Don’t forget Watchtowers – As well as being a fast travel spot, Watchtowers also provide a great view of the surrounding area. This lets you map out where your route and destination are before you start travelling. Towers also make it easier to visit remote locations in Paldea that don’t have any Pokemon Centers.
  • State and Area are Pokémon level indicators – Area and State numbers are indicators of trainer and Pokemon levels in any given region. So, the Pokemon get stronger as you venture further out of Cabo Poco. That’s why the Pokémon of the South Province is low level compared to the North. Remember this when you go looking for Pokemon in the wild.
  • Use the new Let’s Go feature – The Let’s Go feature releases your flagship Pokemon which then ventures out and explores the surroundings with you. They can fight, and collect crafting items scattered across the map.
  • Carrying Pokemon Dolls – Due to the open world nature of the game, you may face wild Pokémon that are significantly superior to your team. Carry a few dolls every time you venture out into the wild so you can escape tough battles.
  • Tera Orb Refill – Terastallization is a new feature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that players are still getting used to. After Terasallization you will have to visit the PokeCenter to recharge the orb. So only use the ability when you’re within earshot of a Pokémon Center.

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