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Do you want to unlock the secret boss battle with the Raven Keeper? Well, in order to do that you have to take care of all the Ravens in the game.

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Odin is the main antagonist c God of War Ragnarok and his Ravens will be watching the player closely throughout the game. Working as Odin’s team, they provide all information about you to Odin. So, it’s your duty to take it out. For those who don’t know, Ravens glow a shade of green and have a distinctive chirping sound when you get close to them. By killing them, you will unlock the Legend in Niflheim’s Raven Tree Base and if you kill them all, you will unlock a secret boss battle with the Raven Keeper.

All of Odin’s Raven locations in the Gods for the Ragnarok War

Odin’s Raven in the Kingdom of Svartalfheim

Aurvanger Wetlands – Raven 1

Upon entering this area with the Quest of Tyr, you must take the path forward until a small rock comes to your left with Raven.

NIdavellir – Raven 2

Get off the boat and start running until you reach the town. From there go for Odin’s Statue and to the left in a building you will find this Raven

The Watchtower – Raven 3

When you close the Hole of Draugr and destroy the Hateful as well, you will find this Raven flying around.

Radsvinn’s Rig – Raven 4

In the area, you will find a crane on your left. By hooking that crane, you will find this Raven

Althjof’s Rig – Raven 5

When you anchor here, you will find the Raven on your left after climbing the chain

Lyngbakr Island – Raven 6

When you get rid of the second belt there are some bad things that attack you. Take out their nest and you’ll be greeted with bombs. To your left, you will find a door, where you should take the bomb. There are large gold coins in the back to the right, which you can throw bombs at to destroy them and reveal a grapple point. After the fight, take the tunnel with Raven on your left

The Forge – Raven 7

When you reach the Forge, you will find the Raven that flies forward

The Forge – Raven 8

In this area, with Brok, go up the lift, a short tunnel will appear. When you get to the other side, you will find a button with this Raven

Jarnsmida Pitmines – Raven 9

When you come to me with your second path and fight some enemies, go down and use the chain to guide you to the water. In heaven you will find this Raven

The Applecore – Raven 10

In this area, while doing a puzzle related to the water wheels, you will find a door nearby when finished. Don’t go in, but go left from there and you will find this Raven

Alberich Hollow – Raven 11

You need to do Dragon Beach first to get here. On your way, you will find Gold Debris blocking your way, clear it, and go left to find the Raven.

Alberich Island–Raven 12

Take the high ground in this area and go straight ahead. When you’re done, you’ll find debris on your left. Clear them and you will see a Raven in the air.

Alberich Island–Raven 13

When you go to the bottom of the wood using the grapple, you will find another way to take you to the island. From there you have to take the shelf and you will find a stone with a hole in it. The Raven is in there.

Odin’s Raven in the Kingdom of Alfheim

Le Strond – Raven 1

When Tyr discovers the Temple of Light, you must take the same path forward. To your left, you will find a tree with this Raven

Temple of Light – Raven 2

Take the right turn and go up the stairs. There you will find a drop down on the left side. After you go through that path, you should slowly go right again until you find the Raven behind the metal door.

Temple of Light – Raven 3

After the Nornir Chest, you will encounter some Elves (lights) here. Go past them and when you get out, take the right stairs to go up. On the balcony to your left, you will find this Raven

The Canyons – Raven 4

When you find Sidri in Canyon, you should look to your right where you will also find stones. The Raven is above them flying around

The Fall – Raven 5

On your first step in this area, you should go left and take the path to the North. The Raven is on your left, sitting on a tree

The Fall – Raven 6

In this area, you should go northeast until you come across a Skeleton of some sort. The Raven is in his right eye.

The forbidden sand – crow 7

At the entrance, go forward to the northwest until you see a large statue in the distance. Later, you will see the valley there and Raven is flying next to it

The forbidden sand – crow 8

At the entrance, take the right path until you find a large rock formation. Go around and you will find this Raven on the rock.

The forbidden sand – crow 9

In this area take the west path until you come to an area with a battle point. Use it to go behind the statue, where you will also find the Raven

The forbidden sand – crow 10

Go to the Elven Library which can be found east of this place. When you’re around you have to be aware of debris. Clear that debris and you’ll find a hidden area. Enter that area and to your left, you’ll find a Raven just flying around.

Odin’s Raven in the Kingdom of Vanaheim

The Wild South – Raven 1

The first time you arrive for the Information, just go forward until you come to a fork in the road. You need to go to the left where the tree roots make an archway and you will find the Raven on the lake.

Freyr’s Camp – Raven 2

When you leave Mimir and Freyr after talking to him, you will go to a door made of wood. Go forward on the path and from there you should go straight to where you will find the water. On the other side of the Raven

River Delta – Raven 3

When you reach the River Delta, you can clearly see the Raven on your right. To get it, you have to stick to the right and go to Pilgrim’s Landing. Go with the happy Cure of Dead, where you interact with the bridge and on the space to your left you can interact with the Raven

River Delta – Raven 4

Go willingly for the Happy Death, where you go through the wake and go out to find a chain. You can go down from there using the chain and to your right, you can find this Raven.

The Covered Way – Raven 5

At the end of the river, take a walk without a boat and watch your back. The Raven is right up there.

The Divine Sweat – Raven 6

When you reach the Goddess Falls area, you can see the Raven in the air. In order to interact you have to go up and use the point for the struggle to take you over the waterfall. Go up to the wall again and you can interact with this Raven

Eastern Barry Woods – Raven 7

Take the main path in this area until you cross paths with a destructible stone. Use your spear and then go forward from the opening. Look up and behind until a tree comes into your camera angle. There you will find the Raven

The Waste Land – Raven 8

In the area, go forward until you cross paths with a zip line that takes you somewhere new. Take that path and you’ll find Einherjar. Pass through them to reach the box and you will start a new area. From there go right and up the tree opposite you, you will find the Raven

The Field – Raven 9

On the west side of Laufanua when you enter the Mystic Gateway, you should go right and go forward from there. Do not fall, but behind your character you will find Raven on a rock on the wall.

The Field – Raven 10

On the west side of the Plains when you enter the Mystic Gateway, you should now go down from your left. Go forward until you find the ice bike. You will find the Raven on the left side of the cliff.

The Field – Raven 11

It’s the same as before, but now you have to go down, then go and go to Brok’s workplace. Go around it and over the edge of the tof on your opposite side, you’ll find the Raven.

The Field – Raven 12

When you destroy the Crimson DRead in the Field and make the Vanaheim Favor, you should go to the northwest. Here you will find the Raven on a low rock.

The Field – Raven 13

On the West side of Laufanua, coming from the Mystic Gateway side, you have to go North, through the U-turn. You have to go down and then next to the valley. There will also be a side of fighting but don’t touch it, because Raven is at the bottom.

The Forest – Raven 14

In the door that comes from the side of the Mystic Gateway, you have to go straight until you find a gap on the presence of a Raven. You can’t interact until you do the Return of River Favor. Back the same way, go left through the canals, and go through the canal way. Go through the opening, take out the Ogres, and to your left, you’ll find the Raven

Odin’s Raven in Midgard Realm

Lake of Nine – Raven 1

As you head north-east of the Temple of Tyr, you will soon find a path that goes up a hill. To the right, you will see a wall with this Raven.

Lake of Nine – Raven 2

On the south side of the Temple, you will see on the Temple above – there is a sign. Take the path that goes under the sign and you will find the Raven

The Rescuer – Raven 3

At the entrance of the Lake of Nine, you must follow the small road on the right. There’s a ledge you can jump over and in your left corner you’ll find a Raven on a boat

The Forsaken House – Raven 4

In the area, you can fight on a crane that will lead you to the ruins. At the top of the tree, you will find the Raven on your left.

O Taulea – Raven 5

At the beginning of this area, you will find a wall that you can climb and it will lead you to an arena. There you will come across a Stalker. Take out that rogue and you should go to the right until a chain appears. At the top of the cliff, you will find the Raven

Well of Urd – Raven 6

In the World of Fate you have to move forward until you reach the northwest area led by wolves. The Nornir Chest is also in the same place and you should go up to it to use the grapple point and then go through the ice wall by cutting it. Go up the rocks again until you find a gap. Take the left path and you’ll find the Raven on the ridge.

Odin’s Raven in Helheim Realm

Helgrind – Raven 1

At the entrance to this area, you will find this Raven in front of you in the air. It’s a bit low, so don’t look for it on Kratos.

Helgrind – Raven 2

In the area after you’re done with the wolves, you’ll reach your final puzzles of tools and doors. After that, you can continue and the Raven is above you.

Odin’s Raven in Muspelheim Realm

Burning Rock – Raven 1

Inside the Red Rocks after you enter the Mystic Gateway, do not go forward. Find a location below and go right. There is a room with an Information Chest, where you should go right and between the rocks you will find this Raven.

Surtr’s Forge – Raven 2

When you interact with Surtr here, there is a cutscene that appears. After you control it, you will see the Raven ahead.

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