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The fastest way to earn cash in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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With Pokemon, you can never have enough money. There is no end to the variety of experiments available to dedicated hardcore gamers. So whether you’re looking to buy fancy Poke Balls or items to boost the Effort Values ​​of your favorite Poke friends, this guide highlights the most efficient ways to farm money in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Enter the Coin Amulet

  • By equipping the Amulet Coin on one of your Pokemon, you will double the prize money received after each battle.
  • To get it, you will have to defeat first 5 Pokemon trainers in Western Province.
  • After defeating the trainers, visit Medallocated in the Western Province. Once there, head over to the Pokemon Center, located on the east side of Medali, where you’ll meet a Pokémon League Representative.
  • Approach him and he will give the Amulet Coin (provided you have defeated all 5 trainers).

Sell ​​unwanted items in the PokeMart

  • Provided you have been playing the game for a while, you will accumulate a bunch of useless items that you will never use. For example, heat rock, damp rock, smooth rock, etc.
  • Wait until you have collected more than 100 items and then sell everything to bag a big profit from the whole transaction.

Ace Academy Tournament

  • The best way to earn money after a game is by participating in the Academy Tournament. With the right setup, you can earn more than 120,000 Poke Dollars every 10 minutes. However, there are some prerequisites to this farming method.
  • First, you need a high level Pokemon (recommended level 100) that can pretty much shoot the opponent (in Terra Form).
  • Second, you will need the Amulet Coin to maximize your earnings.
  • Once you have everything, there is only one Pokemon in your party. You can also PP Up to increase the PP of your Pokemon’s main attack.
  • When the battle begins, switch to Tera From and continue to mash the A button.
  • Here are some recommended Pokemon that are perfect for the job: Chi-Yu, Mane Flutter, Miraidon a Corridon.

Participate in Raids

  • Tera Raids are a perfect way to collect resources and money. The rewards vary each time based on the level of the raid.
  • Based on the RNG you can get items that sell for somewhere between 250 and 20,000 Poke Dollars.
  • Other resources that drop Tera Raids include: Pearls, Pretty fly, Rare Candies, Stardust, Little Mushroometc.
  • Tera Raids require a bit of setup and planning beforehand; however, the rewards are worth the effort.

Seren Training Center (STC)

  • You can challenge Team Star Bosses once a day. You will be able to earn close to 100,000 Poke Dollars if you manage to defeat all of the bosses.
  • This is the locations a level recommendations for each of the heads:
Boss Level Cap Region
Dark Crew and Boss Giacomo 21 Western Province, near Cascrafa and Medali.
Fire Crew and Boss Mela 26 Eastern Province (District Three).
The Poison Crew and Boss Atticus 32 Tagtree Thickett, near Eastern Province (Areas 3), and north of Zapapico.
Fairy Crew and Boss Ortega 50 Northern Province North (District Three).
Fighting Crew and Boss Eri 55 Northeast of the map.

Fighting Trainers all over Paldea

  • Fighting trainers are the simplest way to earn money. It is consistent and your Pokemon are also leveled up in a process that is also quite efficient.

Search for Shiny Items

  • Picking up shiny objects throughout the map can often net an expensive object that you can exchange for a few bucks. Since you will be traveling a lot, ride over the shiny objects. It doesn’t take much time and in the end you can sell the bulky items for a big profit.

Using the Payday move

  • So far, only Meowth can learn the Payday
  • Payday one target A normal move with only 40 power. However, the user earns money after using this move.
  • Use it during trainer battles to increase the cash rewards you get after each match.
  • The effect stacks with the Amulet Coin.

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